Live Poll: MTV Movie & TV Awards 2019 - Best Hero

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The 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards have announced their nominees in sixteen categories. Which nominee for Best Hero is your favorite?

Captain Marvel
Ron Stallworth
Arya Stark
Iron Man



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Posted 11 months ago

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Even though I've only seen one and a half episodes of GoT, I loved Arya and is, so far, the only thing that makes me really want to watch the series. Since I haven't yet seen enough of GoT, though, I'd have to go with Ron Stallworth. Besides, he's real and that makes him very compelling. And in my country, especially at this time, his character is even more. important. 'Interesting list. 
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Yes, I thought this category had competitive potential. You might also enjoy the gender-mixed nominees for performance in a movie and performance in a show - with four women out of five in each category.
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I'm also happy to see Ron Stallworth nominated. It's good to see diversity in the nominations as a whole.
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Not that competitive, I guess. Tony Stark has more than half of the early votes.
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Robert Downey Jr. won the award.

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Congrats Peter.
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