Live Poll: Magneto Casting for Disney's X-Men Movie Reboot

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Disney is the new owner of Marvel's X-Men movie right's. Disney has announce they will be rebooting X-Men all over again with the same introductory X-Men stories from previous movies.

Magneto is the most popular villain in the X-Men franchise, and Michael Fassbender will most likely be replaced with a new actor for a third reboot of Disney's version of X-Men. Although many love Michael Fassbender as Magneto, it is still exciting to recast him.

Which actor do you think should play Magneto? Should Disney keep Michael Fassbender?


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We don't need to see Dark Phoenix for a 3rd time. 

Lets keep moving on with current actors... 
Just like Tom Holland and Tom Hardy for Venom / Spider-man, lets keep moving to the next story.  

I'd rather Disney replace actors than see the SAME STORY ALL OVER AGAIN.  

Lets finally move on to the next story,

Cable and the X-Men
X-Cutioner's Song
Deadpool 3
Gambit etc....  NO MORE REBOOTS from Disney, 

Also wanted to see my favorite #1 Marvel character Rachel Grey Summers.  Frances McDormand as Mother Askani or Cassandra Nova with Josh Brolin as Cable in next X-Men movie please.

There are too many good stories that haven't been  in theaters for X-Men.  
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1- Mads Mad
2-Viggo Mortensen
3- Fassbender
4- Iain Glen ( he is underestimated.)
5- IDK (there is too much of good actors.)
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I love your #5 idea.  I will add it to the list.  Thank you!

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My choices would be Mads Mikkelsen or Alexander Skaarsgard. although deep down I wanted Fassbender to stay
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I think that Michael Fassbender does a great job
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I don't know but the Denzel rumor has me intrigued. Then they could have David Oyelowo play Professor X.
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