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Imagine these movie characters introducing themselves to you, not by telling their actual names, but by using quotes from their films. Whose introduction would you find the most confident?

List Part 1:

List Part 2:

As you can see, all the quotes start with the words I am or I'm.
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Posted 10 months ago

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I'll give it to God, no need to brag about power or limit yourself by definitions, a simple "I am that I am" is the pinnacle of confidence.

Doesn't Ron Burgundy remind us of someone else?
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Having scrolled through the list a few more times, I found it rather difficult to remember most of the previous entries. What I want to say is - the list is too big. If it was just a list of characters, and not the quotes, it wouldn't be difficult to remember. But as it is now, I don't like the size of it.

So, I'm gonna add 5 more entries that didn't make the initial cut of 35, which will bring the number to 40. Then, I'll split the list in two parts - 20 entries each. I believe that is the optimal number for a wordy poll.
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Then sugg: From Kindergarten Cop, when Schwarzenegger (John Kimball) bursts in, and a guy asks who he his.  Kimball replies, "I'm the party pooper."  :)
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Hey, good one! I'm gonna add it to the list, and will remove Thor/Hela, since they unfairly share one spot.
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