Live Poll: Highest Rated Films by IMDb Poll Board Contributors

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This poll is based on the rating histories of the 120 most active participants on the IMDb Poll Board during 2017. For a film to make this list it must be rated by at least 60 people. Which of these films is your favorite?


This is a summary of the ratings of 22,307 films from these 120 active participants: Ratings_Summary

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My concept is to export the ratings for all the IMDb Poll Board and IMDb GS Poll Board contributors with public ratings. I would average the ratings and find the 35 top rated films for the contributors and create a poll.

As you may notice, I have not provided a list. Since this may be a fair amount of effort, I would like some feedback on whether thiswould make an interesting poll before I create the list.

Due to privacy concerns, I will not identify whois included in the poll. Likewise, I will not use anyone’s ratings list if theyprefer that I do not use it.
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