Poll Suggestion: Great Movies with Bad Rotten Tomatoes Scores

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This list demonstrate that the critic not always have the reason, vote for your favorite

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Posted 2 years ago

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Spaceballs, Life Aquatic,Space Jam, 
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I agree with Man of Steel. That movie is criminally underrated
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My five cents is that it is overrated, but when it comes to DCEU this franchise in general seems to be very polarizing...
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I'm not sure about the title, if it wasn't for LAST ACTION HERO, I wouldn't call the best of this list "great", not that I approve the critics' disapproval but seriously what's so great about "Airplane 2"? What's so great about "Billy Madison" except for one particular moment? 

LAH was great and that it passed over the heads of every critic is beyond me, I guess they were so busy drooling over the CGI effects in Spielberg's Jurassic Park that they thought it wasn't another vehicle for the muscular icon.
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Except for Die Hard, I agree with most RT scores. :D
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I liked The Last Action Hero and Die Hard with Vengeance
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Sometimes, you can't always follow critics or the public on overall...
For example there are many movies that the critics hated but I liked such as The Godfather III, Scent of Woman, Remember Me, Kingman and many others.
In other hand, movies like Gladiator, Avengers, The Big Lebowski or Schindler's List, people loved and I didn't liked that much.

It's subjetive