Live Poll: Golden Globes 2020 — Best Actor in a Supporting Role

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Which of the nominees of the 2020 Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture do you think should win?


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Posted 8 months ago

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al pacino....
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Tom Hanks  Anthony Hopkins  Al Pacino
Joe Pesci  Brad Pitt
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Impressive list of actors. My personal favorite is Al Pacino for The Irishman (2019)
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I hate the way this has turned into a Pitt vs. Pesci duel.

I have the feeling that Pesci is being acclaimed because he played a totally different version of Tommy in Goodfellas, and it's like nobody thought Pesci could play such a character: intimidating, threatening while being calm and friendly, but come on, this has been an overused trope since Vito Corleone and it's obvious an actor of Pesci's caliber could pull such a great performance, just look at his cameo in A Bronx Tale.

People associate Pesci so much to his hot-tempered Napoleon complex driven thugs that they were all wowing over his performance, which is good but not surprisingly good (though he was heartbreaking in the last scenes) My real problem is the way this has been overblown by critics, it's very cliché to believe that a nuanced and subdued performance is superior to a more showy one, that's why Mark Rylance won his Oscar for Bridge of Spies and I still can't get over it. The film worked as well with him as without him and for me that's not the mark of an Oscar-worthy supporting performance.

Which leads me to Pacino, now that was a supporting performance, before he pops up in the screen, the film is rather bleak and melancholic, it takes off when Pacino gets in there, there's an energy, a flashiness, an element of enjoyability, of passion that was totally lacking before and when he disappears, the film becomes depressing and lifeless (literally), Pacino brings life to this film, he's the heart of it, whatever gave a meaning to Frank's life, even De Niro shares the screen with Pacino, he's more colorful, more talkative, he's a whole different kind of guy, but Pesci, as good and deserving as he is for an Oscar nom, plays the old and wise dinosaur who's-always-right, he's not as flawed, tormented and yet electrifying as Pacino's Hoffa. Pacino is to The Irishman what Pesci was to Goodfellas, Pesci is playing Paul Sorvino's Paulie here.

And to those who think Pacino is only being Pacino: volcanic, loud and ego-driven, well the same can be said about Pitt who's getting raves for playing the same kind of characters he's been doing lately: the cool and laid-back guy with a weird almost nervous smirk during serious moments, so it's not about the characters you play but the key-role they have in the film and the impact on the whole atmosphere...

The best supporting performance is the one that makes the film what it is, that's why I believe Pacino is being seriously overlooked... as long as he gets the Oscar nod...
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I just watched The Irishman (2019) last week, and I agree that Al Pacino really makes this movie. Al Pacino IS Jimmy Hoffa: what an extraordinary, oscar-worthy, sublime performance!
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