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When you associate the name Keaton with the movies, the name 'Buster' might be the first to spring to mind, maybe followed by a certain 'Diane', but let's not underestimate the strange but fascinating appeal of Michael Keaton.

With a face that always seem ready for a quip and eyes that could do the smiling even in serious moments, Michael Keaton played many various roles that made me a very hard-to-define actor. He could play eccentric and slightly disturbed characters, cool and workaholic blue-collar types of guys, leaders as well as loners -he could even be Batman!- so there might be one word that can describe him perfectly: he was unpredictable.

This poll is a tribute to his unpredictability and naturally, his talent. It features his highest-rated live-action movies (no voice roles) all rated higher than 5.9 as of July 2019.

Which of these Michael Keaton films is your personal favorite?
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Great list! I'll vote for Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!
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Still have to watch that one :)