Live Poll: Face-Off: Vito Corleone vs. The Joker

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These are the only two characters that have earned multiple Oscars from multiple actors. Each character has one for best actor and the other in a supporting role. Which character did you enjoy seeing on screen more?

Obviously still have to wait to see if Phoenix earns best actor but I thought I would just create this in anticipation.

Also if I am missing a character that qualifies let me know!


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Posted 8 months ago

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Good Idea!!!

I wanted to make this poll :( 

But, I was waiting to see the results of the Academy Award.
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Thanks, I really wanted to make this one as well. I usually don't make too early suggestions but I knew this one be snatched up sooner rather than later.
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Check 17
I should update it too:)
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Henry VIII performances have been nominated 3 times but just one win. Thanks for looking out though.
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Oh, wow, 'good one! 

I like and appreciate the 'Godfather' films a lot more but in terms of enjoying the characters -- that's a tough call. I think I'm surprising myself on this one, lol. 
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When it comes to choosing between both characters I find it incredibly difficult, but I go with Vito Corleone.
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