Live Poll: Face-Off: 'The Dark Knight Rises' vs. 'Logan'

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Which of these two highly rated superhero franchise finales do you think brought the most mind blowing ending to a franchise?


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Posted 3 years ago

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Logan, after some flaws with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine series, Logan delivered enough satisfaction to praise the Wolverine again. While The Dark Knight Rises is the best Batman movie of all time and it's series are all successful, Logan went beyond successful, and if anyone who havent watched the movie yet you're missing out the best superhero movie, or anti-hero movie of all time.
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The Dark Knight Rises is not the best Batman movie.It's not even the best part of the The Dark knight trilogy
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Definitely Logan 2017, Wolvy is a fresh superhero character, we have seen Batman so many times.   
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'The Dark Knight Rises'
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Dark Knight Rises.
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The question in itself is entirely subjective, one person can think Logan is better, the other can prefer The Dark Knight, and that's perfectly fine. Personally, I've always loved The Dark Knight, but if I'm playing devil’s advocate, you could say that in The Dark Knight the main character (Batman) was upstaged by his own villain (Joker). While in Logan, the protagonist are written a lot better and are much more well realized; but even then, two of the three main protagonists have had the chance to be developed over the last 18 years soooooo...
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