Live Poll: Face-Off: Hobbs vs. Shaw

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In all fairness, I would have considered Vanessa Kirby's Hattie, a main character and seemed to warrant equal screen time with the other two, even though she doesn't get equal billing.

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One could even the say the entire movie is really about her and her story line mostly.
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FYI, she as far as popularity goes her IMDb profile currently has the rank of the three @ #10.
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Congratulations! It's a hard tie for me. I would vote for Hattie. It was so nice to see her fighting. The last time I was such impressed was when the Widow beat the crap out of a the group of attackers in 'Iron Man 2'. Can't decide between the two blokes. They're equally cool. Cool female characters that fight strongly are mostly always an intriguing show, when it's a good and to the point choreographed production.
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Face-Off: Hobbs vs. Shaw
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