Live Poll: Face-Off: Favorite ''Friends'' Trio

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Rachel, Monica and Phoebe
A no Brainer for most guys.\

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Good Job P-K
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Thanks a lot
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The female trio. I also enjoyed much of Chandler and Joey's scenes, but I find Ross' general behavior and background more cringe-worthy than funny.  Among other "funny" behavior from Ross during the series:

*Revealed to have made out with his sister Monica while drunk at a college party, becoming the first man who ever kissed her.
*Chandler has lifelong issues, because people see his as effeminate and assume that he is gay. Ross admitted to spreading rumors that Chandler is gay during their college years.
*He lied to his parents for years concerning his use of marijuana, and pretending that Chandler was the "bad" influence on him. 
*Attacked two random women in the streets of New York City, assuming that they were Phoebe and Rachel. He supposedly wanted to demonstrate the inadequacy of their self-defense training, but he was depicted stalking them previously in the epissode.
*Proclaimed the wrong woman's name during his second marriager, then blamed his new wife for suspecting he had feelings for another woman.
*After his "accidental" marriage to Rachel in Las Vegas, he assures her that he is handling the paperwork for their divorce. She finds out several episodes later that they are still married, and Ross has been lying to her concerning his intentions.
*As a college professor, he dated one his students, and was upset that her father objected to their relationship. 
*Taking all of Joey's money in a gambling game, and ignoring the fact that Joey had finncial problems and Chandler had gived the money to Joey in an effort to help. 
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