Live Poll: Evil on a First Name Basis

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Which of these live-action human villains only known by their first names is your favorite?

*no nicknames (Jack the Ripper), no titles (Mr. Joshua) and no characters from distant worlds, universes or times where it is more common to be identified through one name (Gollum), I probably missed many characters, please, just make sure they don't have a known last name even though they're mostly referred to by their first name.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Cromartie - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Newman - Seinfeld
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Thanks but...

... what I meant by "distant times, worlds or universes" is that the character must be the kind of modern real-life protagonist who's likely to have a last name, only we're not supposed to know it. I doubt Beetlejuice or Cromartie are supposed to have a last nameĀ  so we happen to know them through the only possible term of reference like Cinderella or Gargamel.

Also I don't know if Newman is evil or not but only movie antagonists.
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The only one I can think of is Bob from Twin Peaks, and I suppose he isn't exactly human.
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How's that? You can spoil it, no problem.
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'Tough choice. Vincent or maybe Henry or Holly & Kit. 'Good poll, Elmo!
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