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The European film industry is as culturally diverse as the 510 million people living in the 28 Member States of the European Union.

For each EU Member State, this list shows the highest rated (*) movie on IMDb. Which country delivered your favorite European movie?



(*) Minimum 5,000 votes on IMDb except for countries with population < 2 million
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Posted 4 years ago

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What a cool idea! The Dark Knight (2008)
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Kolja (Czech Republic)
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UK, France, and Denmark seem to make the best movies, in my opinion. I would vote Denmark for a couple different reasons.
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Dark Knight isn't British. It's an American film made by a Brit, with a Brit in the lead, and an Australian in the support.

I'll vote for Good Bad Ugly, anyway.
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Although 'The Dark Knight' was distributed by Warner Brothers, it was produced by Syncopy (British company) in association with Legendary Pictures. It was filmed in Pinewood Studios in England and many other filming locations mostly in London but also in Hong Kong and Chicago, to name a few. And it was directed by a Brit, as you rightfully mention. Therefore it is listed as a British film by the British Film Institute.

Most of these blockbuster movies have American production companies involved in one way or another, but in the case of 'The Dark Knight' I think it would not do justice to the British to call this an American movie.

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