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If the mystery film genre originated many classic Hitchcock suspense-thrillers and detective stories, it also proved itself capable to inspire many memorable -if not downright hilarious- comedies.

The following movies focus on the efforts of detectives, private investigators, sleuths, amateurs or pros, to unravel a crime or solve a specific problem or situation.

Which of these classic mystery comedies is your favorite?

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too many good ones....'high anxiety'...'a shot in the dark'...'gosford park'...'the thin man'...'clue'....

'clue' for goodness sake!!!...and that doesn't even include 'murder by death' and 'the cheap detective' which aren't on the list...

however...even with all these brilliant films (would make a fun weekend playlist)...i have to choose woody and 'manhattan murder mystery'...

great poll elm....
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Thank rocky ;) it also happens to be one of my fave Woody Allen movies (which means a lot)
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
My choise here is The Big Lebowski
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The Cat and The Canary was absolutely hilarious!
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and another bump for the road
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'Good one. 

The Return of the Pink Panther
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Thanks ruby, I kept one movie by franchise... every Pink Panther movie would qualify otherwise :)
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