Live Poll: Cinémathèque Française Summer 2017

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The Cinémathèque Française* was founded by Henri Langlois in 1936 to conserve film, costumes, posters and other treasures of cinema. Today, housed in a Frank Gehry building in Paris, it presents exhibitions and screenings from the history of cinema.

Which of these screening series for Summer 2017 would you choose to attend?

(From the programme for June/July; selections for August may be added later)
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Posted 3 years ago

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Good Cop, Bad Cop: More than thirty American police films from the 60s and 70s.

Maybe not the most intellectual screening series from the list, but for sure this looks like a lot of fun!
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Plein les Yeux!
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both 'john boorman' and 'french cinema of the 30's' look appealing, but since i grew up in america during the 60's and 70's, i believe i would have to go with 'good cop bad cop', just to see which films they would choose to represent that period of time...
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Vive le sondage en direct?

Andrei Tarkovsky
Andrei Tarkovsky: "In just seven features, Russian director Tarkovsky left an indelible mark on world cinema." That gets my vote.

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French cinema of the 1930's. You got me at "rare titles"
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