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One of the most enigmatic, surrealistic and iconic songs of all time, Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) is also the title of one of the most anticipated biopics of the year, starring Rami Malekas pop icon Freddie Mercury.

In homage to the legendary song that made Wayne Campbell and his friends bang their heads at the guitar solo, here's a selection of classic movie shots that illustrate each of the song's legendary lyrics... literally, symbolically, in a way... or in another.

Which image/lyrics combo hit the most sensitive chord to you?


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Posted 10 months ago

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This is one of the most wildly imaginative polls ever created for this site.  I'm floored in awe.
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Thanks a lot :)
This one has been pending for months, I had a mental block after the first five or six options and then it went all quickly and smoothly... maybe there was a peak of creativity I had to exploit asap before it disappeared again:)
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Sometimes I question myself, "DC, you have lived almost 4 years at IMDb Poll board. After all these times, who do you find as the greatest and most creative poll author of all time?"

The only name that echos on my mind is 'Elmuru'...!!!

Because he thinks about a poll in such a way that no one can imagine.
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Thanks DC
You know what, it all comes down to two simple thoughts "why not?" and "maybe it could work"... if you check my list page, you'll see dozens of unfinished polls, interesting ideas but that I gave up after 3 or 4 entries because it went nowhere, I thought that one had potentiel and I'm glad I didn't give up for too long.
Seeing such enthusiastic reactions is not only emotionally rewarding but it's also a great feeling because I do love this song and it's been a while that I've been looking for a way to pay tribute to it.
The list might seem "creative" and "elaborate" but the idea was quite simple, just make the images match the lyrics and the song is so imaginative and abstract at times that it wasn't that difficult to find the right images, I spent more time for 4 or 5 lyrics than the remaining 30.
Anyway, thank you and thanks everybody for the kind and encouraging words. I feel silly and guilty for some negative vibes I've been sending these last months but those who PMed know how tough it's been on a 'private' level.
Cheers and have a nice summer
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Congratulations, Elmo! 

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