Poll Suggestion: Best Jack Nicholson Movie

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Which movie starring Jack Nicholson is your favorite?

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Of course 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' is magnificent but I still remember a very young Nicholson in 'Easy Rider'!
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Not sure, as he has A LOT of great ones. But this year it's Batman (1989). I am actually in the process of accounting a comprehensive bodycount and screentime count of main progtagonist and antagonist and it's a blast to analyze shot-by-shot. Nicholson's performance might rely on stand-ins and doubles for actions scenes, but every bit of him when he's onscreen he delivers. And sometimes he is onscreen when it was not obligatory, like the scene of him after operation where his face is not seen (safe for one shot wher it is and it is a goof because he has no make-up on). 

Also, I know there's no place left on the poll, but FYC: 
The Terror (1963) 

I still don't know how Corman and crew managed to do this, but for a hodge-podge made by several directors around like 30 minutes of footage Corman shot with no script and key actors from The Raven (1963) as the sets were slowly demolished this movie is surprisingly terrific and adequate. 
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