Live Poll: Best Brian De Palma Movie

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Posted 6 months ago

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Gitte Løyche

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Without any doubt: The Untouchables!
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I second that. It will be on top - with distance.
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Carlito's Way (1993) would lap The Untouchables in any race!!!!

Scarface (1983), Blow Out (1981), Casualties of War (1989) all could give The Untouchables a run for the money for secong though.

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I really like the Untouchables and Charlito's Way but Scarface will easily be first.
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James The Movie Guy

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Either Scarface or Carrie
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joe siegel

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Peter, Champion

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You could add his latest, Domino.
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Carlito's Way or The Untouchables. 
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Dimos Dicoudis

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"Body Double". I like many of the plot twists. Homeless actor Jake Scully meets a new friend, who finds him a place to stay, a decent job, and a target for Jake's voyeuristic tendencies. After Jake becomes the only witness to a murder, it becomes increasingly clear that someone was setting up the situation. With Jake unwittingly providing an alibi for the real killer, and becoming a convenient scapegoat for the murder.

In a film set in the acting world, I always found it intruiguing that much of what Jake experiences through the film are illusions, with the villainous mastermind using acting methods and stagecraft to fool everyone. 
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Nikolay Yeriomin (Mykola Yeromin), Champion

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And then there is also a twist within a twist, after which plot resumes with inevitable conclusion and you keep wondering whether whole plot is even what it seems... 
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