Poll suggestion: Are you satisfied with "Vertigo" (1958) ending?

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Alfred Hitchcock was a movie making genius, but watching "Vertigo" left me with sour taste in my mouth. Movie was completely masterful until that abrupt ending that left me in disbelief. I am all for tragic endings, but this one felt so... out of place. I was expecting a happy ending to a beautiful love story, instead I got off screen death of second main character. It feels... Blah...  So much forced and not needed. That's at least my opinion, and the only reason I give it 9/10. But that's me. What's your opinion on the matter? :D 
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This is not how a poll is done.
We don't give opinions.
You make a poll with lists that you create and people choose from your list.

Please read this topic.
FAQ: So You Want to Make an IMDb Poll? Here's How... | IMDb.com ...

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That doesn't seem fun at all.  Kinda destroys purpose of polls being here in the first place, if you can't put anything you want in them :P
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When in Rome? Do what the Romans do. When in the realm of the IMDb Poll? Please follow the modicum amount of rules to create ... what seems to me? A very original idea.

Mark. You have to create the list. You can collaborate on whatever the individual options will be but you have to setup the list as well as populate the list (depending on the type you choose: title, image, or people based IMDb list).

I'm neither an expert on Alfred Hitchcock and Vertigo is one of my least favorite of his films. So? I can't really help with this one especially since I can't really remember the ending.
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My take on the ending:
"Scottie stops being a follower, a passive character, he acts, and finally gets the truth from Judy, and when they finally embrace, in one ironic twist that would haunt cinematic memories for eternity, the film starts like it ended, with Judy falling to her death, frightened by the shadow of a nun, who came to ring the mission bell. The sight of Stewart in the top of the tower is the triumph of a man who overcame his handicap through an emotional shock that cost him the life of his precious love, what an irony, what a finale and what a film!"
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A nice interpretation! Guess I'm too much of a romantic :P
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Very interesting poll idea!  There's two ways to do this poll: 1) Do simple options, like "Yes", "No", and "Don't care."  :)  Or 2) you can make it a Poll Board User based poll, and take opinions from all of us on what should've happened, and turn that into a poll.

I think I will do the same kind of thing, only with "The Birds."  That was an unsatisfying ending to me. :)  I'm okay with the ending of Vertigo, although it's not my favorite Hitchcock movie.  Good luck and happy poll-making!