Live Poll: What will you miss the most when IMDb closes the Message Boards?

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As the era of the IMDb Message Boards comes to a close, what will you miss most when they are gone?


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Posted 3 years ago

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The chats with people about movies. The one thing I won't miss is some trolls. But on the IMDb, there is twenty good users to every one troll. That line by Col about a small group of users using the message boards vs ten million on their Facebook was a line of bull. If he thinks moving to Facebook will solve the problem with troll, let me tell you it won't because the trolls will simply fallow them to Facebook.
I think the real negativity was that certian major motion picture studios got tired of IMDb users warning each other and the world that some of their movies were bombs and thus driving Audiences away.
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1. Long discussion about the movies.
2. Sharing one another's point of view.
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Steven Wells

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I will miss the tremendous amount of information about the individual movies, information that was not suitable for a trivia entry. Further, intelligent philosophical discussion greatly enhanced our understanding of points that may have eluded viewers.
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Sdk ElMaruecan

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I'll miss the experience of IMDb. Right now, I just visited the site and well, I found nothing special to do. Even when I used to suggest polls, I did it while visiting a few boards, now in a few minutes, you get the whole picture and there's nothing else to do.
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Karen Staten

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Like you really give a damn and care what we will miss.
We'll miss the Message Board itself, the discussions and the various viewpoints that were presented.
Big mistake eliminating them Amazon/IMDB.
and Facebook is NOT the same as message boards for each individual movie.. very bad decision on your part.
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Larry George

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Karen, you took the words right out of my mouth. Very bad decision to remove the message boards. I'm really going to IMDB much less than I used to because my favorite part (and the part I spent the most time at) is now gone. And when I do go to IMDB, I'm now always thinking about how I'm ticked off with the site for doing this.
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C King

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I love old movies and this was the only place I knew to come and read other people's opinions of them.  New movies aren't the same and I can't get the same info on FB.  IMDB is punishing the good for the bad comments of a few.  I guess one bad apple really does spoil the whole bunch. IMDB has no courage.  It's UnAmerican / Anti Freedom of Speech.  Think of all the knowledge they just threw out the window like garbage!
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In #2, maybe I'll should be I.
... but I miss some of the trolls.
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I'll miss coming to IMdB.

The fact is, if you love movies, the BEST place to find a similar movie to one you just saw was in the message boards.  I can't tell you how many movies I found by going through the boards of movies I enjoyed something about.  

So why come here now?  I can get better ratings elsewhere.  I don't care about User Reviews, and frankly, who could, except the person that wrote it?

I guess I'll have to search out individual threads on Reddit.  This was a stupid decision.

In the early days of the site, the Message Boards were what gave this site a hook.  I'm kind of shocked this decision would ever have been made.  This was social media BEFORE social media.  

You've turned the EVERYTHING site about movies into a Police Blotter site about who did what when.  I've never had a good suggestion on Netflix or any other automated site, and I had a lot of misses in the message boards, but FAR more hits.  

Disgusted with this decision.
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A lot. I already miss several of the options in this poll, mostly the relationships cultivated over the years and the sense of community, which I guess is #7. I really like how you worded #7, by the way, so, for a few reasons, that ("band of brothers and sisters") would get my vote. It still makes me blue.
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If you want this poll to be eligible for the home page, could you make a few edits to the title?

What do you miss the most without the IMDb Message Boards?

To: What Do You Miss the Most Without the IMDb Message Boards

I can't guarantee that it will be on the homepage but it would be eligible this way. :-)
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I think this will be on the home page when hell freezes over.
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Thanks Ruby. I've made the change, albeit a bit late. I've requested a re-push...just in case.

edit: Re-push complete.

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Thank you!
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Lots of movies are open to interpretation, and I miss seeing what other people thought the movie was trying to say.  I also miss being able to ask a question about a detail I missed.  And somehow IMDB seemed more ALIVE, sparkling with lively discussions, arguments, even insults; in other words human activity and soul.  So soulless now.

I wish Amazon would get a new CEO, one who is more friendly to the message boards. The current CEO is a sepulchral fuddyduddy who has to have everything by the rules, and can't stand any sign of vitality.  IMDB and Amazon will die bit by bit like the hair on his head.
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Forums and message boards is what the internet and sites like IMDB are all about.  Taking away the forums will kill the excitement, the interaction.  If I just wanted facts without any interaction I could buy a book.    I suggest very strongly that IMDB bring back the message boards.
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Michel Couzijn

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What I miss is my unconditional appreciation of IMDB. For over 15 years, IMDB was my bestest pal when it came to watching movies, because IMDB allowed me to meet fellow movie afficionados who asked & answered questions like I did.

Now, IMDB has shown its ugly side by totally disrespecting this part of IMDB community life, and throwing all our valuable input in the garbage can.

Yes, I miss that valuable information. Yes, I miss my fellow movie lovers. And it hurts.

But what I miss mostly is my love for IMDB. It has vanished, like the love for an unfaithful, disrespectful and cruel ex-partner.
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Kelli McMillan

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I really miss going to the boards to see what other people thought about a movie.  Also the humor of people.  I will never forget how I laughed when I went to the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer board.  Someone wrote that during the holidays they randomly shouted out,"I don't want to go to elf practice". The majority of people are good.  Too bad IMDB can't see that.
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Why did they cancel them? Inexcusable.