Plot Outlines of 240 characters - no warning?

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This could be a minor thing for many, but if the Plot Outline is exactly 240 characters, the system doesn’t give any ”warnings” that the Outline is too long. Outlines of 240 characters are then moved to a Plot Summary.

Now I’m aware what the guide says, but it would be nice to know when the Plotline is 240 characters and therefore ”too long”. I have now three Outlines moved to a Summary, which wasn’t what I wanted.

Long story short: is it possible to tweak the system, so that it would give the ”warning” when the Plot Outline is exactly 240 characters - or longer?

( From the guide:

”Plot outlines should be no longer than 239 characters. Longer plots can be submitted as a plot summary.” )
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Posted 1 year ago

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Nick Riganas

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Hello Eboy,

It is true that the built-in character count feature doesn’t give a warning message when a plot outline is exactly 240 characters.

However, to be fair, it does show an alert box when the plot exceeds them. A 241-character outline will prompt the user to make the necessary changes if he wants to keep his outline in the right section.

A quick question. Do you use a smartphone to compose your plots, or do you write your text directly in the field provided?

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I very rarely use any smartphones or even tablets.

Yes, the point was that sometimes my character number hits exactly 240 (has happened three times fairly recently), so why not give the warning then?

Adding Plot Outlines is fun and IMO informative/important, so I usually (not always, though) write a slightly longer ”version” first and start fine-tuning from there. Sometimes you end up with exactly 240 characters.
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Nick Riganas

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That's why writing a plot outline is trickier than composing summaries.

Even a single character can have you editing your own text again and again until you reach the desired 239-characters limit.

If it helps, I always check the outline's word count on my word processor before submitting it.

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Hi Eboy

I've forwarded this information to our technical team for further investigation. We will follow up with you once we receive further information.

Thank you in advance for your patience.
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Hi Jaime, Employee

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Hi Eboy,

You should now see a warning if your plot outline is 240 characters or longer. 

Thank you for reporting this issue.

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Thanks Megan!