Plot outline corrections getting an "unable to verify" edit decline

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I'm noticing this problem recently on some Plot Outline edits.

Minor corrections like typos, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, syntax, and minor copyediting are getting rejected with a stupid "unable to verify" reason, which of course makes no sense in the context of the edit being made.

For example:
Before: "In a Red Nose Day Special episode, Mr. Bean finds himself as a contestant on a TV show called 'Blind Date'. Among two other men, can Mr. Bean win a blind date with the beautiful Tracy."
After: "On a Red Nose Day special, Mr. Bean finds himself as a contestant on the TV show 'Blind Date'. Competing with two other men, can Mr. Bean win a blind date with the beautiful Tracy?"

Expansions/additions are also getting rejected with "unable to verify". When the Plot Outline that was there was very insufficient (like one short sentence or less), or didn't describe the plot at all, I wrote a full proper plot outline. Rejected. Why?

For example:
Before: Mr. Bean attends a wedding.
After: Mr. Bean disrupts a wedding, managing to cause disturbances throughout the ceremony - before stripping the bride to her underwear and causing a brawl.

Before: Mr Bean returns in this new sketch for Comic Relief.
After: Mr. Bean visits the police station on Red Nose Day to report items stolen from his car - it'd be far easier if he wasn't on a sponsored silence.

Some Plot Outlines contained material that belonged in a different section like Trivia or Alternate Versions, so I rewrote a proper plot outline (and moved what was there to the proper section which was approved). My new Plot Outline was rejected with "unable to verify", which is meaningless.

For example:
Before: Mr. Bean returns in a sketch for Comic Relief to celebrate his 25th anniversary.
After: Mr. Bean attends a funeral for a departed friend, and his antics cause the usual havoc whenever he is around - and then he discovers he's at the wrong funeral.

Similar Plot Outlines I add new where there was none before, are always approved. The rejections are only happening on outlines I correct.
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Posted 4 months ago

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There were some threads/discussions about Plot Outline edits and corrections fairly recently. One important point (then) was the author AKA ”by:lines”.

Meaning, that did you try to replace the original By:line with your ”author name”? That was at least one reason with some of the previous rejections.

So either:
A) Correct spelling/grammar, but leave the original By:line intact. AKA = Yep, it has some mistakes - and yep, perhaps it’s not that great to begin with. But someone else was ”first”.
B) Submit a new Plot Outline with your ”own” By:line.

”IMPORTANT - corrections and By: lines Bylines are important to the original author and other users. If you make corrections (spelling, grammar, etc) to a Plot Summary, please DO NOT change the byline. If you disagree with the plot summary and want to substantively change it, please submit a new one with your own byline rather than edit the original and add your own name to it.”

( )
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Thanks for the tip. I've wondered about that. In the examples I gave above, I didn't change the byline in some but did in others. However, I never sign them, I leave them blank.

The general rules I've followed:

1) If it's a minor change, including just adding an extra sentence at the end where the bulk of the outline was unchanged, then keep the byline.

2) If it's a more substantial rewrite and most of it is mine then change the byline to blank.

3) If it's a complete rewrite, and I copied it verbatim from someone's review or trivia (or from a plot summary to an outline or vice-versa), then I add THEIR byline. I may also make minor changes as in #1, but the new byline stays.

The first 2 points sound like the rules you stated, but the third may be controversial. I can tell the reason those other authors put the outline in a review or trivia is because they tried to put it in a plot outline first and were rejected. Maybe I should not use their name at all, but it wouldn't be right to use mine. Better make it blank.
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Finally, all have been approved now. Took an identical resubmission for each, so I don't know what the problem was.

Except for one: the original had too many copyediting and other errors, so I thought my final result was significantly modified, but I kept the original author's byline since his basic intentions were intact. This was declined, so I resubmitted the identical change but changed the byline (blanked it, as i prefer anonymity), in case someone thought my changes were significant (a somewhat subjective interpretation anyway). This was declined too!

So I tried again, identical to the previous two, and kept the original author's byline, exactly as I had done the first time and it was approved! Go figure.
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Hi Good Flix Gary -
Thanks for re-submitting the Plot updates, I'm glad to hear that the issue is resolved and that they have been updated.  If you continue to experience problems submitting these type of plot updates and they are being rejected, please let us know here and we can investigate further.