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The android app of imdb keeps showing me translated titles of movies, even though everywhere in web version settings I've chosen English and it shows me English titles in web. There are no such options in android app. Please make it.
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I'm not an English native speaker but I watch all my movies and TV shows in English, so having the titles (and the app) in my local language is really annoying to me as I don't know and don't care about the translated titles.

The worse is the solution shouldn't be difficult to do as if I choose English in the settings of Android, then the titles will be properly displayed in English, but keeping my OS in English is not a solution.

Also what is REALLY annoying is in my IMDB account, I set United States for "Title display country" and English for  "Title display language" but those settings are completely ignored by the app (and the site by the way).

The data are there, so what are you waiting for to add a simple option to turn the app in English, that shouldn't be that hard. Also all the IMDB's content is in English, so the readers know how to read English and also expect to have ALL the content in English, so what's the point of translating the titles (except for screwing foreign readers) ?!!

As you see it's just a simple request and it's not as if we were asking you to put some extra work, quite the opposite, we just want to see the content of IMDB just as it is meant to be seen, all in English just like the American readers.

In the meantime, I will STILL NOT use the app as it is completely unusable with its translated titles :(
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We need a setting which enables original title instead of translation to
phone language. It makes no sense, and this setting is already there on
the website and the iPad app.
It is especially annoying when reading Trivia and so on, the text makes no sense with translated titles!

Please fix it it has been like this for years :-(
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Original titles.

I agree. This is a major issue which completely cripples the usability of Android app for me and most of my friends. The user has to have an option to choose language preference (ideally with 'Original' option as in web version), you can't assert such things from geolocation or system settings. IMDB doesn't even properly show all the accented characters in my language. You just showing off how bad localisation job you've actually done.

I don't know distribution titles for my country. It's not just a problem of translation, titles often wildly differ from the original ones. More importantly, I don't watch movies dubbed to my language. People (especially movie enthusiast you most likely target your app for) like to watch movies in original language so they can have an authentic (intended) experience. Also, most streaming services (Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, ...) doesn't even offer localised titles in my country. It just doesn't make sense.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Original Movie Title for Android.

We can't see original title of movies on Android app. This is a HUGE deficiency which must be handle as soon as possible. I can't even know that which movie I'm looking for when I see the translated title.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Add language localization options to the mobile site.

If I search a movie on, the database shows me the italian (translated or original italian) title. Instead, on the mobile site, i get just english titles, also of italian movies. I'm located in Italy, and this is the first time that the mobile site behaves like this. Is it just a problem for me? 

For Example:  --> I can see "La vita è bella" (original, italian title) --> (same movie, i just substitute the "www." with "m."), I see "Life is Beautiful", in english
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Just installed an update that lets you show titles in English instead of translated. Works good... except for the Top 250 list which is still full of Italian & Japanese & every other language. Need a fix for the fix.