Northern Exposure: Fantasy or not a Fantasy Genre?

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Recently declined submission. Question? I cannot recall any fantasy aspect of the show. Can anyone point out the fantasy? Yes the City is fictitious. But other than some dream sequences scattered about, I do not see a theme of a fantasy overall.
Anybody else have a recollection?
16 December 2019
Northern Exposure (1990-1995)

Genre Deletion: Fantasy
Your Comment “There is no predominant theme of fantasy to all aspects of every episode. There is a small amount of dream sequences in a small handful of episodes, but not a dominate theme however. IE: Not a TV Series based in pure fantasy.

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Posted 4 months ago

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Not seen much of the show, but I know enough to say, as you've said, there is nothing fantasy about it.  :D  Except that one epsode with the pegasus and the centaur and Peter Pan's cameo... kidding.  ;)
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Haven't seen that show yet, but I've heard that in a way it is like a certain yearsake, "Twin Peaks" (1990) in a way that it starts slightly weird and gets progressively weird. I totally might have heard wrong, though.  
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It's definitely not Fantasy. It's basically a Comedy, with some long-running Dramatic and Romantic subplots. There is no relationship at all with "Twin Peaks" (1990).
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Thanks for flagging, it's been removed. 
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Thank you E.
Happy Holidays
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Thank you all.
I have not watched it in 20+ years.
I did not think my remembrance of the theme of the show being that far off.
Thanks again...
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Worth a rewatch.
I watched it in the 90's and watched the whole run again about a year ago, so much weird stuff I'd forgotten, they actually had a Twin Peaks dream sequence in the first season funnily enough. Plus the bear that becomes human to date Maggie, When Shelly is only able to communicate through song, or when Chris gave off pheromones that made every woman lust over him or when he lost his voice after a beautiful woman spoke to him and struck him dumb. Comedy Drama is really the best genre tags it could have, since any dream or fantasy sequences fit into those genres nicely anyway.