New version of IMDb watchlist launched

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We are pleased to launch a new version of the IMDb watchlist. You can access your watchlist via the link in the menu at the top of every IMDb page or directly at

The changes include:
  • A new interface with improvements to the data display 
  • Consistency between and the mobile version on including sorting, filtering, sharing and multiple layouts
  • An improved social sharing experience 
This thread will be used to gather feedback and bug reports. 

Please let us know what you think. 
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Posted 4 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Now that IMDB changed how watchlists can be arranged, how can I do a search on al....

Now that IMDB has changed the format in which the watchlist can be arranged, how can I do a search on all the shows in my watchlist that are playing on tv in the next 3 days?srch
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled watchlist.

I just noticed that the watchlist now has a 'load more'-button instead of numbered pages.
Don't tell me this site is going down the same shitty path that youtube did. With a sufficiently long list, it will take forever to get to the middle of it. Which is a big problem on youtube when a channel has, say, over 1000 videos, and that's not so rare with big channels.
Why change it in the first place? For mobile users? There's already a shitty app for mobile, so leave the 'desktop' version as it is.
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Yes, new watchlist is awful for desktop. 'Load more' instead single page view makes Firefox consume a lot of memory to run with so many items visible in large lists, or even worst, turns impossible to see full large list in 'grid' under slow connections.

Also, why no longer works so useful little window with movie info and rating stars function that was visible just by passing mouse over a movie poster at lists in 'grid' view?

In new watchlist the 'grid' view became quite annoying to use since if you want to see any little detail of a movie you must open a new page to get it!  (Can you believe?)
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For those looking to add descriptions, save this url to your bookmarks:

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: watchlist.
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Well, you can still access wanted pages via link above or other ( in my case... oh, page 1 also shows only 100 instead of 250 titles, yet another bug). But it's so freaking troublesome.
Why do you have to be a pain in the butt and not at least allow us to select if we want to use NOT handy 'load more' instead of pages?
Basically, I agree with what Martin Eichmann said.
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I, also, noticed the bug in which the first page shows only the first hundred pages. However, if you switch from Page 2 to Page 1 it shows all of them. Moreover the reordering capability of my watch-list is partially defunct. The ordering numbers of the movies have gone crazy and they refuse to change when I manually try to fix them. The ordering numbers of some movies exit two or more times and some numbers do not appear altogether (see attached .png file). I, personally preferred the previous version. It, too, was not working perfectly but it worked better than the new one.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled After new IMDB list update: How do I edit descriptions on my watchlist?.

It used to be really easy to edit the descriptions of entries to my watchlist simply by clicking on the description in the edit feature. Now when I hover over this

it just shows the description. I want to change my description for it, but the update isn't helping in conveying what I have to do.
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It seems that I cannot filter my movies with the already rated and not rated, It was really useful, I hope you can restore it back!
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can we please switch to the previous version. the new watchlist has very few options under the refine tab !! 
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It has now been four weeks since the launch of the new watchlist. For me who mostly use it for ordering purposes (I have hundreds of films in it) it is not much use at all since we lost the drag-and-drop ordering feature and you can't really use the numbers since that would require that the items in the list was, as in the previous watchlist, ordered from one upwards. How the numbers in the new watchlist works in really a mystery to me and I have been a computer programmer for over 20 years. I tried reordering the first three films in my watchlist. They had numbers 2,5,6. I changed the 2 to a 3 to see if it would stay before the 5 or if it would move from first position to third. It moved to third position but the number for all three films are now 4.
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None of them hade 4 and after the change none of them should have had 4.
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The old layout of the compact view was much better.  I'm not interested in the IMDB ranking in this view.  Much more important to see the number of votes.  Also the cover image should not show up in the compact view.  Makes life 100 times more difficult

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