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Hi everyone,

We are thrilled to announce we have published a new Help hub for IMDb fans, IMDbPro members and Data Contributors. This hub, available at, replaces the help content previously residing on and and provides streamlined access to the most common customer queries, organized in intuitive themes, with improved navigation and mobile-optimized design. It includes completely new search functionality across IMDbPro, fan and contribution sections. With this update, IMDbPro help content which was previously available only to logged-in IMDbPro members is now available to logged out users and non-members.

The new help site is one of the projects under the umbrella of software upgrades our founder, Col, wrote about here:

We hope the new hub helps you make the most of your IMDb experience and solve questions you have about our features and services.

We will continue to work on improving our help content, adding more images where this helps to communicate more effectively.

Please feel free to reply on this thread with any feedback or any issues you encounter. We appreciate all your help and dedication to our site.

Old Help experience:

New Help experience:
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Lina, Official Rep

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Posted 3 years ago

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Peter, Champion

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As an old contributor used to the old submission guide page, I find it confusing that looking under 'Submission Guides' in the contributor section doesn't bring me to all the submission guides. For instance, I have to look under 'Titles' to find the plot or genre guides.

I would have preferred that the submission guides were grouped together as before as submission guides and FAQs are two different types of documentation. But if you prefer to group by topic, you could drop the header 'Submission Guides' in favour of something like 'Other Data'.

Also, under 'Submission Guides', the pages 'Awards', 'Events' and 'Awards data' are listed separately as if they are unconnected. It might be better to group them or list them 
closer together. The 'Awards data' link could possibly be dropped as the page is already linked from the main awards guide and is not very helpful on its own.
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Peter, Champion

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I found that when I clicked the blue question mark in the update form to access the Title Correction guidelines, the first three links to other help pages were old links which were redirected to the main help page.

This is despite the fact that the Title Correction guide here has been updated to include current links.

One more thing, in the line, "General title formatting rules (how to distinguish between TV titles, videogames, movies, etc.) are here," the currently linked page is actually called Submitting a Video Game. I guess the title formatting rules are actually in the Title Formatting page, which is already linked in the preceding line.
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Joel, Official Rep

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Hey Peter,

Thanks for calling these problems out.

I've updated the in contribution help for Title Corrections now, the links have also been slightly changed for the title formatting rules to send you to the same title formatting page.