Neither Antonio Banderas nor Catherine Zeta-Jones appear in "Aliens in the Attic".

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According to IMDb submission guidelines, movie connections are to be made instead of listing a people bearing the "(archive footage)" attribute as part of the cast, if the title of the work to which the footage belongs is known.

Right? So, please approve the submission to delete Banderas and Zeta-Jones from the IMDb cast list of Aliens in the Attic: 180608-081930-437000.
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  • confused.

Posted 2 years ago

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Actually I don't find much sense in the rule of uncredited archive footage not counting. As "archive footage" doesn't count as cast credits and has it's own category, it is not cluttering filmographies that much, while actually being useful information. Since many actors grant their permission and/ore receive royalties I believe it should be listed. 

Moreover, there are many cases in which people will assume that it was not archive footage, but something filmed specifically for the movie. Case in point: Bruce Campbell in Fargo (not the series, in which he later appeared as well, the movie). As fewer people are actually aware of soap opera "Generations", from which the footage is sourced and also since Campbell appeared countless times in creative cameos in movie by Coen Brothers, most of the people I've met assume that, as in case of Intolerable Cruelty, it is footage originally filmed for the movie. It got to the point that for a long time his official website listed Fargo in his filmography in order to do something about situation, with explanation. Now the filmography on offical site was abolished in favor of IMDb page being linked instead, so not having that on his filmography will further result in confusement and his name being added over and over again, with or without "(archive footage)". I have a feeling that people who haven't seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine will be adding Hugh Jackman to Deadpool 2 just as well,  

As in case of "(deleted scene)" attribute only possible for credited roles I believe we've got to a point when restriction stopped being useful and actually becomes an obstacle to listing information about many cases adequately.   
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The problem, strictly speaking, is that this is not "archive footage". Archive footage is newsreels and other things that aren't likely to be listed directly in IMDb. If footage has a linkable source, it really isn't archive footage.

Marking these as movie connections is much more useful, in my opinion, if people will use them. If Generations is in movie connections for Fargo with a decent explanation that Bruce Campbell's appearance is actually from this source, people will learn things they otherwise would not know.
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Except "Featured in" and "Edited from" is usually rather far into movie connections and Fargo being quite an influential movies means it's literally buried under all the references. 

Strictly speaking, archive footage in broader meaning is any footage not filmed specifically for the project and yet used in the movie, regardless of whether it is edited into the movie directly or shown on TV screen. In order for footage to be recycled it should be accessed somehwere which might be an archive in strict meaning or personal archive as in any collection of media. 

Anyhow, it might be logical to have a special sub-attributes for archive footage, but implementing that might take a lot of time, I guess. 
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Hi Jeorj,

You are correct, this is a breach of policy. I've removed those now.