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I've submitted this and tried via contact form, but apparently no one is old enough to remember Benson.
The actress Didi Conn's character name from 3.3 until 5.1 was Denise Florence Stevens. In 5.1 she married Peter 'Pete' John Downey and became Denise Florence Stevens Downey, but for some reason all episodes prior to the marriage have her with the last name Downey. BTW the plot for 5.1 tells you they get married. She started in 3.3
I tried to fix the 42 credits with the wrong character name, but apparently not explaining it well enough.

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Posted 11 months ago

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Mike: It seems like the people who submitted the existing character names were -- well, let's say "unaware" of the IMDb rules on character names.  From
Avoid extra embellishments/repetitions/nicknames unless they are part of the credited character name: it's enough to list Robert Patrick as John Doggett in the "X-Files" TV series, instead of "Special Agent Jonathan Jay 'John' Doggett"; Jeri Ryan played Seven of Nine on "Star Trek: Voyager", not "Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, aka Annika Hansen"; Edward Norton played Will Graham in Red Dragon, not "William Graham" or "Special Agent Graham" or "FBI Special Agent William 'Will' Graham"; Matt LeBlanc plays Joey Tribbiani in "Friends", not "Joseph 'Joey' Francis Tribbiani". You get the idea.
Ethan Phillips played Pete Downey. Missy Gold played Katie Gatling. Didi Conn played Denise Stevens, until she married Pete and became Denise Downey. I'm going to be charitable and assume that the existing character names were submitted before the current policy on keeping names simple went into effect, but at any rate, the current formatting of these character names is not in compliance with policy. In fact, of the seven actors appearing most often on "Benson", only Robert Guillaume's character, who was known as and is listed in IMDb as Benson DuBois, is identified in accordance with policy. The next six actors are each listed with at least four words in their character names, at least one of which and often two of which should not have been included.

Fans of Jerry Seinfeld will remember that "Benson" was an early role for him. He played a character identified as Frankie. I guess we can be grateful that the data submitters for this series didn't change this to Francis "Frankie" while they were searching for the character's middle name and surname.

So if you re-submit, I recommend that you drop Denise's middle name, too, as J. suggested in the previous thread at

I realize that this does not directly answer Mike's question, but the IMDb staff may have to help with that. I just wanted to take a stand against the use of overly embellished names in the cast/character list.
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There was a discussion about this. On the X Files they are listed as Special Agents on Screen.
See the picture. Don't know if there was final judgement made on this however. What you see on screen if it is in the credits as Starring so and so as XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX. The actors names are consistent with the ID badge. Then it should be listed as seen

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Hi MikeTheWhistle -

As gromit82 mentioned, we don't generally post the middle name of the character unless they were credited under that full name on-screen.  I would encourage you to re-submit the credit corrections for the character name to "Denise Stevens", and include in the explanation field that this was the correct character name for episodes 3.3 to 5.1, until her name then because "Denise Downey" when she married on the show.