Need help finding the title of this movie.

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I remember some scenes not actor names ecc, the release year is from 2000-2009. Genre Horor/Thriller/Mystery. All main actors are white -dad,mom,daughter- I think the heroine is blonde but I am not sure.

The movie starts with a mom and her daughter, -its propably xmas cause I think I remember seeing a xmas tree with presents down the stairs in the opening scene- mom sings her a song something like *mommy will come again nanana nanana* a melody we hear several times throughout the movie. Then the dad arrives home -he wears a suit/black tuxedo-. Mom takes girl on shoulder exits the girls bedroom, walks down the stairs and runs to the swimming pool, girl hits her moms back and tells her to let her go, mom throws girl in the pool.

Girl becomes adult, lives in a big house in a city center like NY with skyscrapers in the background -propably the same one where the incident occured- and has a good relationship with her dad but not with her mom as she thinks she tried to kill her when she throwed her in the pool. She propably works in a hospital -but Im not sure-

In another scene we see the house from the outside with a music playing, as the house is big she invites one of her female friends to help her find something in the house, they dont find it and they end up drinking wine and talking. The heroine may also have a boyfriend she met at work or elsewhere but I am not sure.

Later we see her now old mom dressed in a white nightgown that is depicted as crazy and scary walking in the corridors -propably in some of the floors of the house- under a red light and laughing in a sinister way. I think she spends most time in bed at the house as mentaly ill or in a restricted institution as she is considered dangerous.

Later her dad -or maybe a therapist- asks her to narrate her childhood trauma regarding her mom. She talks about her mom taking her to the pool but then she stops as the bad memories come back to her. The therapists/dad tryies to calm her. 

I think in some cases her dad tries to manipulate her flashbacks regarding the childhood incident. By asking her to narrate the incident till the point her mom throws her in the pool. And then he says yes everything is alright now dont worry and such. Which somehow relates to the previous paragraph -where she talks to the therapist/dad-

In the end we find out that her mom wasnt the bad one but her dad. Her mom actualy tried to save her from her dad when she throwed her in the pool. I think after her mom throwed the girl in the pool she got attacked by her husband-dad. 

Then the flashback visions come back to her clearer and she understands that is her dad she has to protect herself from. In the final scene her dad comes home and tryies to kill her after she has found out the trouth. But she survives in the end.

The main aspects of the movie are the heroins childhood trauma regarding the pool incident, and the fact she finds out her dad is the bad guy in the end.

In the images bellow the ones with the house show a house similar to the one feautured in the movie -images from *the devil wears prada house* google image results.

The ones under red light are very similar to the corridor scene I describe in paragraph 5.


The corridor similar scenes -see paragraph 5-

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I don't know the movie. I thought it was Picture mommy dead. But that movie is much too old for what you described. Unless it was a remake . I hope someone answers
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Indeed the movie I am looking for seemed to be from 2006-2007.
I used all the sites that help you find a movie via description and also the ones who offer advanced filters for finding a movie. I posted my question in all the main movie find forums. Do you know a site/forum where you ask movie experts/professionals (not just movie fans) and they help you find the film you look for?