My page on IMDB contains info about another person with the same name

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My name is Christopher Rohde. I'm an independent filmmaker from Canada. My IMDB page ( lists several credits by ANOTHER Christopher Rohde, who worked on films (Math & You, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and The Cowboy and the Ballerina) that I had nothing to do with.

Does anyone have a recommendation on how I can get these listings separated into two pages? I'm sure the OTHER Christopher Rohde would also appreciate it!



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Posted 6 years ago

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Go to your name page and click the Edit page button at the bottom. Choose Name Split and select "Add split" in the drop down box, then click Continue at the bottom. For the credits that doesn't belong to you select one of the other options in the drop down boxes next to it, probably best with the option that suggests Rohde, Christopher (II). Follow the instructions further and continue until the change is submitted. If accepted you should see the change go live within a few days; if it hasn't changed in two weeks you might want to ask around why it failed.
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Christopher: It looks like the Math & You/Twin Peaks/Cowboy & Ballerina guy works in the Editorial Department and Visual Effects, whereas you work as a Director, Writer, and Production Manager (I assume that the Odd One Out/Bag Boy credits are all yours). Therefore, you can do a Name Split to separate the two of you.

(This works because you two work in different departments -- it would be more complicated if you overlapped and both worked in the same department.)

Go to the page where your credits are ( and click "Edit page".

On the next screen, on the Name Split line, select "Add split". Scroll down and click "Continue".

On the next screen, you will see all the departments where either of you have credits.

For the Editorial Department and Visual Effects Department, leave the lines as "Don't move [Rohde, Christopher]".

For the Director, Production Manager, and Writer lines, select "Other (use box)" in the drop-down boxes. On those three lines only, in the box to the right, enter:
Rohde, Christopher (II)

Don't check any of the boxes that say "Update existing credits with 'as'" -- they aren't relevant in this case.

There will also be an Explanation box. Enter something like "I am Christopher Rohde, the director/writer/production manager, and I am separating my credits from those of Christopher Rohde, the editorial/visual effects person, who is a different person and works in different departments from me." Click "Check these updates".

On the next screen, you will get a warning that says, "We have these people with similar names" followed by a list of people. This warning will show up three times (once for each of the departments you work in). For each of the three lists, select the option at the end that says "This is a different person not currently listed - create 'Rohde, Christopher (II)'." Click "Re-check these updates".

On the next screen, you should see your data appear with a green background and you should be able to click "Submit these updates".

By the way, this process will make you Christopher Rohde (II), while the telecine operator will be Christopher Rohde (I). That is because he was listed in the IMDb first. The roman numerals are just chronological and don't reflect importance. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence (III) and Amy Adams (III).

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Thanks guys! I was able to submit the changes using your instructions. And PS: the Bag Boy credit isn't mine either - must be the other fella!