My new title, known as "Despicable Me 4", was declined on IMDb

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I recently added a new title on IMDb called "Despicable Me 4", the sequel to Despicable Me 3. In order to verify it, I announced it on my blog at and pasted the link into the "Misc. Links" category. Just in case you are not a Despicable Me series fan, here is the edit summary for contribution #170714-050601-466000:

Despicable Me 4 (2020)
  • New Title - Add
    • Plain Title: Despicable Me 4
      Type: film
      Sub-Type: feature
      Status: incomplete
      Year: 2020
      Source: ...a publicist/agent/official source

  • Production / Development Status - Add
    • Status: Announced
      Update: 14 July 2017

  • Miscellaneous Link - Add
  • Release Dates - Add
    • Country: USA
      Date: 6 September 2020
      Attribute: (Los Angeles, California) (premiere)

  • Country of Origin - Add
    • USA

  • Languages - Add
    • English

  • Color / Black & White - Add
    • Color

  • Genres - Add
    • Animation

    • War

    • Fantasy

    • Crime

    • Mystery

  • Directors - Add
    • Name: Jennings, Garth

  • Budget - Add
    • Currency: USD
      Amount: 5,600,000

  • Official Sites - Add
  • Distributors - Add
    • Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us]
      Attribute: (2020) (worldwide) (theatrical)

  • Production Companies - Add
    • Company: Illumination Entertainment [us]

  • Cast - Add
    • Name: Carell, Steve
      Character: Gru Campbell
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Swift, Taylor
      Character: Lucy Houston
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Pereira, Heitor
      Character: White Fang
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Coffin, Pierre (I)
      Character: Kevin
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Balda, Kyle
      Character: Dave/Carl
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Egerton, Taron
      Character: Robin El Macho
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: McConaughey, Matthew
      Character: Bob
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Chan, Jackie (I)
      Character: Other Minions
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Kelly, Tori
      Character: Janet Houston
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Wiig, Kristen
      Character: Becky Campbell
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Trainor, Meghan
      Character: Meena Campbell
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Gaga, Lady
      Character: Gru's Publicist
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Lopez, Jennifer (I)
      Character: Maitre'd of Salsa Y Salsa
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: McGraw, Tim
      Character: Drew Campbell
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Name: Grande, Ariana
      Character: Marilyn Tremaine
      Attribute: (voice)

  • Writers - Add
    • Name: Coffin, Pierre (I)

  • Producers - Add
    • Name: Meledandri, Christopher
      Occupation: producer

    • Name: Healy, Janet
      Occupation: executive producer

  • Composers - Add
    • Name: Williams, Pharrell

    • Name: Timberlake, Justin

    • Name: Ronstadt, Linda

  • Certificate (ratings) Information - Add
    • Country: USA
      Certificate: PG-13

    • Country: UK
      Certificate: 12A

  • Running Times - Add
    • Time: 99

  • Sound Mix - Add
    • Dolby Digital

  • Aspect Ratio - Add
    • 1.78 : 1

  • Taglines - Add
    • More action. More war. More mysteries yet to be solved...

    • All on the cover of Vogue magazine.

  • Keywords - Add
    • dragon

    • banana

    • mexican-food

    • high-speed-train

  • Animation Department - Add
    • Name: Docter, Pete
      Occupation: animator

    • Name: Pacino, Al (IV)
      Occupation: layout artist

    • Name: Minogue, Kylie
      Occupation: character designer

  • Art Directors - Add
    • Name: Lasseter, John

    • Name: Smith, Jaden

  • Special Effects - Add
    • Name: Goulding, Ellie
      Occupation: special effects

    • Name: Guetta, David
      Occupation: fabricator

  • Thanks - Add
    • Name: Sheeran, Ed
      Occupation: special thanks

    • Name: Tudyk, Alan
      Occupation: special thanks

    • Name: Marar, Ayah
      Occupation: special thanks

    • Name: Rihanna (I)
      Occupation: very special thanks

  • Quotes - Add
    • {@Gru Campbell}: Hello, Lucy!
      {@Lucy Houston}: Hi, Gru!
      {@Gru Campbell}: Why is our couple name "Grucy"?
      {@Lucy Houston}: You know, when you and I are mushed up together, it becomes "Grucy"!

    • {@Meena Campbell}: Aaaaargh!!!

    • {@Kevin}: Illumination...
      {@Dave}: Illumination...
      {@Carl}: Illumination...
      {@Bob}: Il-lu-min-a-tionnnnnnn!

    • {@Maitre'D of Salsa Y Salsa}: Welcome to Salsa Y Salsa. We're completely booked, and I'm afraid.
      {@Gru Campbell}: I'm meeting Meena and Becky here.
      {@Maitre'D of Salsa Y Salsa}: You're right! They'll be at table 5 waiting for you.

    • {@Gru Campbell}: I read the newspaper, and it said that the mall has been burnt down in flames!
      {@Drew Campbell}: [sighs] Oh, brother.

  • Goofs - Add
    • Goof: When you hear the dragon roaring, its lips never move.
      Type: Audio/visual mismatch

    • Goof: SPOILER: In the ending scenes, the Minions seem to have mistakenly taken the PX41 serum, which was tested in the second movie in the Despicable Me series.
      Type: Character error

    • Goof: In the DM4 version of the universe, the Scottish mountains are 40 steps north of Thailand, considering the latitude/longitude numbers typed in one of the beginning scenes.
      Type: Errors in geography

  • Soundtracks - Add
    • Text: "Despicable Me" Written by 'Pharrell Williams' (qv) and 'Kylie Minogue' (qv) Performed by 'Pharrell Williams' (qv)
      Order: 1

    • Text: "Vogue" Written by 'Madonna (I)' (qv), 'Tori Kelly' (qv), and 'Taron Egerton' (qv) Performed by 'Meghan Trainor' (qv) Reprised by the Minions in the finale
      Order: 2

    • Text: "Spinning Around" Written by 'Kylie Minogue' (qv), 'Yvonne Gibb' (qv), and 'Taylor Swift' (qv) Performed by 'Matthew McConaughey' (qv)
      Order: 3

    • Text: "I Kissed A Girl" Written by 'Katy Perry' (qv) and 'Linda Ronstadt' (qv) Performed by 'Kristen Wiig' (qv)
      Order: 4

    • Text: "Problem" Written by 'Ariana Grande' (qv), 'Max Martin (I)' (qv), and 'Iggy Azalea' (qv) Performed by 'Taylor Swift' (qv) and 'Meghan Trainor' (qv)
      Order: 5

    • Text: "Blank Space" Written by 'Taylor Swift' (qv) and 'Max Martin (I)' (qv) Performed by 'Taylor Swift' (qv)
      Order: 6

    • Text: "Hideaway" Written by 'Kiesza' (qv) and 'Gavin Poolman' (qv) Performed by 'Taron Egerton' (qv)
      Order: 7

    • Text: "Happy" Written by 'Pharrell Williams' (qv), 'Lady Gaga' (qv), 'Mark Ronson' (qv), and 'Max Martin (I)' (qv) Performed by 'Pharrell Williams' (qv) and 'Tori Kelly' (qv)
      Order: 8

    • Text: "Girl Gone Wild" Written by 'Madonna (I)' (qv) and 'Rita Ora' (qv) Performed by 'Tori Kelly' (qv), 'Meghan Trainor' (qv), and 'Kristen Wiig' (qv)
      Order: 9

    • Text: "Try Again" Written by 'Aaliyah (I)' (qv) and 'Kylie Minogue' (qv) Performed by 'Meghan Trainor' (qv)
      Order: 10

  • Copyright Holder - Add
    • Data: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

    • Data: Universal Music Group

  • Film Negative Format - Add
    • 35 mm

  • Printed Film Format - Add
    • DCP

  • Laboratory - Add
    • Technicolor

  • Related Books - Add
  • Alternate Titles - Add
    • Aka: Despicable Me 4: The Desolation of a Dragon (2020)
      Country: (UK)
      Attribute: (copyright title)

    • Aka: Föraktig mig 4 (2021)
      Country: (Sweden)
      Attribute: (copyright title)

    • Aka: The Fourth Power Of Despicability (2021)
      Country: (Philippines: English title)
      Attribute: (literal title)

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