Poll Suggestion: My Favourite Female TV Characters

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These are my favourite female characters ever to have graced the television screen, but what I'd like to know, is which one is your favourite? 
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Posted 3 years ago

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hey alex...

off your list, i would have to say phryne fisher (miss fisher's murder mysteries)... 

but...if you are taking suggestions, i would add...

tamzin outhwaite as dci sasha miller (new tricks)

fern sutherland as kristin sims (the brokenwood mysteries)

angie harmon as jane rizzoli (rizzoli and isles)

just to name a few off the top of my head...

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Hey Alex,

Welcome to the GS Poll Board! It's a great place with some truly great people. The notes below also apply to the other suggestion you have made. See below:

You have a good idea but a few notes should you want this list to have a better chance of being published into a live poll:

1. Saying "My Favourite" will not work with these titles because the objective is to appeal to a broad audience with an unbiased selection process - this way, you can incorporate everyone's ideas rather than just choosing your "favourite"

2. Usually, polls give a succinct intro that can be something creative or something that merely summarizes your idea i.e.

We've had the utmost pleasure of watching the creation of some fascinating female TV characters, those whose memories still resonate with us due to their compelling personalities or relatable characteristics.

3. Once you put an intro in place, narrow down your idea with a question, i.e.

Which of these [...] would you consider your all-time favorite?

4. It'd be wise to add parameters around this idea, as the possibilities for female characters to include are unbounded. Something like "Favorite Female TV Character... Pre 1990s? Post 1990s? From a sitcom? Below/Above Age 'x" (well, ya get the idea.)

5. So you have your intro and your question at hand written down. Last step? Adding a backlink on your list that is directed BACK to the "Discuss" section of your poll - this is where people can comment with their own ideas or commend you on yours. In this instance, your backlink would look like this:

[link=https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/my-favourite-female-tv-characters]Discuss this here[/link]

^ You can copy and paste this into your list so the two posts are linked ^

6. BUT, and this one's a big but, it's possible this idea has already been done by another poll author and your best bet of checking is Ctrl+f key words in Dan Dassow's blog here --> http://mypollwatch.blogspot.ca/2015/03/imdb-polls-descending-order-of-votes-by.html. This way, you don't spend time working on an idea someone else has worked on. You can also search it by typing "site:imdb.com/poll" on Google followed by your question at hand.

Welcome and reach out to anyone here, everyone's awesome!

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Hi there, Alex.  I wanted to first tell you that, of the names of the female characters on your list, there were only two on there that I like the most, and that's "Joanie Cunningham(Erin Moran)", from "Happy Days", and "Penny(voiced by Cree Summer)", from "Inspector Gadget".  Of course, I agree with Rocky-O, in that other names could be added to that list.  Here are some examples from me to you:

  1. "Sarah Manning(Tatiana Maslany)", from "Orphan Black";
  2. "Catherine Chandler(Linda Hamilton)", from "Beauty And The Beast"(1987);
  3. "Carol Hathaway(Julianna Margulies)", from "E.R.";
  4. "Lana Lang(Kristin Kreuk)", from "Smallville";
  5. "Olivia Benson(Mariska Hargitay)", from "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit";
  6. "Jaime Sommers(Lindsay Wagner)", from "The Bionic Woman";
  7. "Krista Starr(Jill Wagner{no relation to No. 6})", from "Blade: The Series";
  8. "Susannah Ivanova(Claudia Christian)", from "Babylon 5"
  9. "Jane Rizzoli(Angie Harmon)", from "Rizzoli & Isles"; &
10. "Ziva David(Cote De Pablo)", from "N.C.I.S."

And there are quite a few other characters that I could think of, but I think that seeing what I've written so far, you get the general idea of what I'm telling you.  As a matter fact, I would very much like to get your honest opinion on what I've written so far, if it isn't too much trouble for you.  Please contact me as soon as you possibly can and tell me what you think, okey-dokey?  Thanks a bunch, dude, and have a peachy day.
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I know. It's just that these are my particular favourites, and I thought I'd like to know which of them is your favourite or favourites.
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I nominate Sidney Bristow from Alias and Penny from Big Bang Theory,