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Since I've been using IMDb to look up info about movies and TV shows I watch for over 10 years, I wanted to give back something to the community.

One of the things I noticed that needs fixing are the number of frivolous Goofs that are submitted, seemingly by children who get kicks from getting posted. Along the lines of: In this scene, he has his hand in his pocket and in the next scene, it's not in his pocket.

I found those annoying and figured that removing some of them would clean up the database. I didn't know that nobody wanted the database cleaned up.

I just had almost 40 contributions declined in the past week due to “unable to verify”, including a spelling error (with link to correct spelling) and another regarding whether an 18 year-old is a teenager or not (I said Yes and included a link, but it couldn't be verified, so declined).

I had asked what I was doing wrong ( ) but got no useful replies.

Should anybody wish to have a look, here are the reference numbers:

191103-051316-479000 , 191104-200009-303000 , 191108-132600-823000 , 191109-213741-553000 , 191110-065925-186000 , 191111-084408-859000 , 191111-090449-147000 , 191111-195705-619000

I can take a hint. No more Goof deletions/corrections from me.

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Posted 1 month ago

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Hi, SHD.  I tried to look at these, but I get a message "this update does not belong to you."  I think you need some different links?
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Note to Nick B..........
No one can view anothers contribution links except the submitter and IMDb staff
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Hi there, thanks for flagging this, however please know a continuity error is a goof and won't be removed from the site. If you review our help page, these are "There one moment... gone the next." Please feel free to resubmit any of these goof deletions for further review if you feel they fulfill our policies! 
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Thanks for your reply Elizabeth. I presume you are referring to the two deletions I suggested in Silverado:

"There are numerous errors where snow is visible and snow is not visible."

And my explanation: In the dry desert, there is often not a ground cover of snow because (a) it doesn't snow heavily very often and (b) when it does snow, during the day the snow that gets sunlight sublimates into the air, leaving patchy snow. It is only visible in the shadowed places.

And: In most scenes, the breath of the actors and the horses is not seen even though it is supposed to be in the winter.

My explanation: It's a common misconception that your breath condenses and can be seen every time it's cold out but that can only occur if the air is relatively moist because when the moisture from your breath added to that in the air, and the combined humidity hits 100%, the air will “overflow” with the extra water. This excess water condenses into the cloud you see as your breath.

In the cold and very dry air of the New Mexico desert winter, there just isn't enough moisture to be visible.

I don't think either of these are continuity issues, but I can see how the OP may have thought so if they didn't know about the characteristics of moisture in dry desert air. They are not "There one moment... gone the next." situations either.They are not Goofs – they are examples of physics.

That covers two “unable to verifies”, leaving about 35 or 36 to go. Do you want to have a go at A Few Good Men?

Character error- At 55 minutes, Danny refers to Dawson and Downey as teenagers. Legally to join the military one must be over 18 years old therefore an adult and no longer a teenager.

My deletion: The definition of a teenager is a person who is between ages 13 and 19, all numbers ending in the suffix -teen. The age of majority to legally join the US military does not change this definition.

There are a few more...

Hoping to hear from you... SHD

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HI SHD, thanks for your response and we appreciate your level of dedication to these sections of the site. I recommend you resubmit these for further review by our editors and follow up here with any further declines. I would again point you to our help page on goofs and as a general overview, we do maintain a certain level of general understanding in regards to films and these types of data sections on the site. 
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Thank you for getting back to me Elizabeth. I should apologise - my tone was a bit snarky earlier because I had spent hours researching and copying links and then - to have everything declined... Well, I lost my cool for a bit.

Last night I spent many hours going through the conversations in this category and I think I picked up the gist of how things run here. For instance, I didn't know the screening of submissions was done (at least partly) by bots.

It almost seems like when human people are screening, submissions get accepted and when the bots are in charge, practically nothing gets through, regardless of how many links and declarations of This Is Not a Goof.

I also notice that when a submission is posted, correct or not, in the wrong category or not, it stays until someone puts in a lot of effort to get it out. I'm not saying this is right or wrong but it would be nice if the criteria for getting accepted were as stringent as the criteria for getting removed.

I guess I can understand that faced with over 20 Goof deletion requests for one movie, it must be tempting to just decline 'em all. I'm going to try to keep the at-one-time numbers down and see if that helps.

I have over 90 Xena episodes recorded. By the time I'm done with them, I should have a grasp on how to write reviews.