Multiple IMDb edits being ignored.

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Hi there

I'm a long time IMDB subscriber (more than 10 years), but I feel I am being continually kicked in the head and have for the most part given up trying to rid my IMDb profile of incorrect listings.

I have spent months / a year trying to have the incorrect credits removed from my name but to no avail. My corrections seem to fall on deaf ears within the team at IMDb. The best validation/verification I can give for these adjustments is 'IT'S NOT ME, PEASE REMOVE'. What else am I to do? I can't provide any more evidence to support my corrections other than a screen capture of these projects without my name on the screen.

I do not want these credits associated with my name. It's incredible frustrating and is contributing to IMDb being factually incorrect, that's the irony of this whole 'approval' BS which is supposed to strengthen the accuracy of the site.

I'm pleading with someone from IMDb to PLEASE assist me with cleaning up my page. otherwise i'll be forced to abandon this page (contributing to the inaccuracy of IMDb), and create an entire fresh account with my name.

Please assist me and restore my faith in IMDb being a valuable and accurate resource.


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Posted 6 years ago

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You can create a fresh page but that'd also be wrong and would get merged to the previous one anyway.

"I can't provide any more evidence to support my corrections other than a screen capture of these projects without my name on the screen."
Have you done so? Is it true the name is not there or is it there but goes to someone with the same name? If so, do you know to whom they belong?

Do you actually need someone "from IMDb?"  Or would other data contributors do?  There are many here and they'll probably be able to work through it with you. Otherwise, IMDb staff can be reached directly via the link on the main page, where they've explained how the page works:

Message from

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If you give specifics (which is your page, got a link?, which credits are not accurate, in what way are they wrong, etc.) people are here to do just what you're you get it straightened out.

I take it, this is your page? A.J. Carter (I)