Multiple profiles with incorrect lowercase letters in "III" name suffixes

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I've found multiple profiles of persons with the suffix "III" where the suffix is incorrectly formatted as "Iii" instead of correctly having all the I's be capitalized.  It is impossible to fix this through the normal Name Update process; the system goes in a loop where it continues to change the letters to lowercase when you check the update before submission.  

I tried on a couple of these to get it fixed with a "miscellaneous correction," but those updates never were successful in getting the profiles fixed:


Here are all the profiles I have identified so far with this problem.

Alphonse John Teems Iii

James Harris Iii

Chauncy Jerome Ferdsnerker Iii

Gerald Jones Iii

Leonard Julien Iii

Luis Georlin Banaag Iii

It would be extremely helpful if IMDb could fix the root of the problem that forces profiles with a "III" suffix to be created incorrectly in the first place.
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Posted 3 years ago

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It's not only a problem with 'Iii' I believe it can be a problem where anyone has Roman numeral as a part of their name like James Harris the third, rather than them being the third James Harris in the database.

But it seems to work for people like:
Queen Elizabeth II
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
Carl Anthony Payne II
and it seems to work OK where the name is an AKA name like
Santiago González (I) aka "Santiago A. Gonzales III"

But it only seems to be a problem for some names. Is it only for recently added names
Would it help to add an explanatory comment when adding the name?

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In cases like what you've written, for now, it would be best to submit the information to the IMDb Help Desk. I've responded to someone about this problem about a year ago and, as you mentioned, it appears to be a long-standing technical issue that has not been resolved.
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I've been successful in getting names changed when they had Ii or Iii or even Iv as part of their name. Usually, if you note that these are suffixes, the data editors will change them. How long ago did you submit these? It takes about a week for name changes to process.
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Here there are a few more names to be checked:
  • A. Davis Mead Iii
  • Abraham Gatling Iii
  • Alan R. Thompson Iii
  • Alberto Escamilla Iii
  • Alfonso Rivera Iii
  • Alfred Vanderbilt Iii
  • Andrew Coleman Iii
  • Andrew Feucht Iii
  • Andrew Sobey Iii
  • Anthony E. Thompson Iii
  • Anthony Gonzalez Iii
  • Arthur James Jackson Iii
  • Arthur Williams Iii
  • Austin Lee Watts Iii
  • Benjo Ferrer Iii
  • Billy Johanson Iii
  • Billy Smith Iii
  • Bobby Belden Iii
  • Bobby R. White Jr. Iii
  • Bradley Harrington Iii
  • Carl Hale Iii
  • Carl Pitts Iii
  • Charles Edward Thorpe Iii
  • Charles Epting Iii
  • Charles Humphrey Iii
  • Christopher Patrick Hunter Iii
  • Clarence Williams Iii
  • Curtis Cousineau Iii
  • Dan Zalewski Iii
  • Daniel John Hager Iii
  • David Mixon Iii
  • Dennis Montgomery Iii
  • Dick Spencer Iii
  • Don Degroot Iii
  • Don Frederick Millikan Iii
  • Don Roose Iii
  • Donovan Arterburn Iii
  • E.J. Iii Martensen
  • Eddie Iii Bauer
  • Eddie Marshall Iii
  • Edward B. Gieda Iii
  • Edward P. Gargiulo Iii
  • Edwin S. Friendly Iii
  • Ellis T. Prince Iii
  • Enoch Austin Iii
  • Eugene Peppers Iii (I)
  • Eugene Peppers Iii (III)
  • Frank Harris Iii
  • Frank Troutman Iii
  • Frederick Booker Noe Iii
  • Gabriel Parker Iii
  • Garcia Carlos Xii
  • George Born Iii
  • George Burns Iii
  • George Lovell Iii
  • George McCannon Iii
  • George Oliver Hale Iii
  • George R. Snider Iii
  • Gregory Wayne Iii Hall
  • Henry Vara Iii
  • Homer Patina Iii
  • Hubert Eaves Iii
  • Irvin Webb Iii
  • Isaac Brown Iii
  • Isaac Brown Iii
  • Ivory Iii Felix
  • J. Frank Harrison Iii
  • J. Owen Zurhellen Iii
  • Jack A. Porobil Iii
  • James Andrew Parks Iii
  • James Bush Iii
  • James Calan Iii
  • James Davis Iii
  • James Floyd Brown Iii
  • James Hill Iii
  • James L. Herron Iii
  • James Lee Iii
  • James McFillin Iii
  • James Riles Iii
  • Jeffrey Wright Iii
  • Jesse Boykins Iii
  • Jesse Marcell Iii
  • Jide Ajide Iii
  • Jimmy Roberts Iii
  • Jimmy Vickers Iii
  • Joachim Iii
  • Joey Trevino Iii
  • John A. Warden Iii
  • John Arena Iii
  • John Chapman Iii
  • John Ervin Iii
  • John Fitzpatrick Iii
  • John Franklin Iii
  • John Iii Franklin
  • John Johnston Iii
  • John Lofton Iii
  • John M. King Iii
  • Jorge E. Gonzalez Iii
  • Jose Morales Iii
  • Jose Trevino Iii
  • Josephine Iii Price
  • Junious Smith Iii
  • K.V. Dahl Iii
  • Kenneth Walker Iii
  • Kevin E. Jones Iii
  • Kirk S. Wildasin Iii
  • Landrum P. Leavell Iii
  • Lawrence Hinson Iii (I)
  • Lawrence Hinson Iii (II)
  • Lawrence Hinson Iii (III)
  • Lawrence Hinson Iii (IV)
  • Lawrence Hunter Iii
  • Le'Roy G. Brown Iii
  • Leonard Kobbe Iii
  • Lincoln Berry Iii
  • Lonnie Cruel Iii
  • Lou Molino Iii
  • Louis A. Webster Iii
  • Louis Slaughter Iii
  • Lucius E. Burch Iii
  • M.H. Thompson Iii
  • Martin Easton Iii
  • Martin Gillen Iii
  • Marvin Collins Iii
  • Melvin Evans Iii
  • Milford Thompson Iii
  • Mitchell Ramsey Iii
  • Nathan Hale Iii
  • Newton Hinds Iii
  • Norris Anderson Iii
  • Pat O'Mara Iii
  • Paul Roche Iii
  • Penfield Tate Iii (I)
  • Pete Vezeau Iii
  • Peter J. Mummolo Iii
  • Peter Steur Iii
  • Phillip Smith Iii
  • Raymond Hudson Iii
  • Rex Iii
  • Richard M. Hollingshead Iii
  • Robbie-Walter L. Robinson Iii
  • Robert Berning Iii
  • Robert Butler Iii
  • Robert Emerson Williams Iii
  • Robert Howard Iii
  • Robin Hood Iii Dial
  • Robinson Vii Claire
  • Ron Capes Iii
  • Roosevelt Mitchell Iii
  • Roy Drake Witte Iii
  • Roy Lee Myers Iii
  • Salvador Calvillo Lopez Iii
  • Schwarzen Iii
  • Sebastián Sánchez Iii
  • Sergio Nolasco Gomez Iii
  • Steven Ratcliff Iii
  • Thomas J. Dowd Iii
  • Toodles Waggy Iii
  • Turner Washington Iii
  • Walter Archer Iii
  • Walter R. Tucker Iii
  • William Collins Iii
  • William Cummings Iii
  • William Hillstrom Iii
  • William J. Edwards Iii
  • William M. Carragher Iii
  • William P. Oberndorfer Iii
  • William P. Youngworth Iii
  • Winsor Alston Iii
  • Winton Blout Iii
  • X.M. Frascogna Iii
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Hi All -

Thanks so much for reporting these name listings on the site, I have filed a ticket for our editors to do a bulk clean-up, I have also addressed with them the inability to correct these via a Name Correction.  Once the clean-up is completed and I have word on if/when any changes in the Update form can be made, I will let you know here.
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Hi All -

I'm just following up here to confirm that all the names reported have been investigated and fixed, the changes should be live on the site shortly.

Our staff is still investigating how to best handle these corrections in the Update form itself,  I will post an update when any changes regarding submitting these corrections can been made.  Cheers!
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Thanks a bunch, Michelle!