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There are times when I discover an actor or actress on imdb and for whatever reason I don't add them to my favorites or bookmarks or anything thinking I'll just remember them. Usually these actors are more or less unknown and haven't done anything notable.I'm currently trying to find an actress that I know absolutely nothing useful about, especially nothing I can use to narrow down with the current filters in the name search (only gender, then randomly picking countries I think might be her birthplace and going through all of them hoping I will recognize the profile picture if it hasn't been changed, in which case there's no way I'd find her).A simple suggestion to help filter out about 90% of the search results would be an option to only display actors or actresses that have at a profile picture. This will really help go through search results faster for people who don't remember any useful details aside from the way the person looks.A hair color option might be helpful as well (wouldn't help in my case because I wouldn't know her natural hair color) for others.This is all I can currently think of but anything else people can think of to improve search filters would be great.
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This could be very useful when a user only vaguely remembers an actor or actress.

Currently the "Advanced Name Search" [] has these filters:
* Name
* Range of birth dates
* Name Groups [nominations and wins for major awards]
* Star Sign [astrological sign]
* Birth Place
* Death Date
* Death Place
* Gender
* Height range
* Filmography [specific title]
* Biographies [Search for words that might appear in the Mini-Biography.]
* Lists (include or exclude from personal lists]

You are proposing adding at least two additional filters:
* Presences of a photograph on IMDb
* Hair color

Adding a filter for presence of a photograph would be fairly straight forward. Hair color may be problematical, since actors and actress wear wigs and may dye their hair.

One thing you can do is search the mini biographies for an attribute such as hair color. For instance, a search for blondes (male and female) produces the following results:
Most Popular People With Biography Matching "blonde"

If you remember that the actor or actress has appeared in two titles, you can also look for people who appear in both by looking for "Common Cast/Crew Between Two Titles" []

For instance:
Most Popular People Credited in "X-Men: First Class (2011)" And Credited in "Silver Linings Playbook (2012)"

You can also edit the links from advanced and common searches, such as this one:
Most Popular People Credited in "X-Men: First Class (2011)" And Credited in "Silver Linings Playbook (2012)" With Biography Matching "Katniss"

You can also search on three or more common titles by editing a common title search. For instance:
Most Popular People Credited in "X-Men: First Class (2011)" And Credited in "Silver Linings Playbook (2012)" And Credited in "Winter's Bone (2010)"
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I think search by photo availability was availability many years ago(or was it some dating website). It would be great to make it available.