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Me and my friends recently use IMDB a lot to rate. But we think it would be great if you were allowed to rate More precisely. Because you can find an episode great but is it worth a 10? is it that good? but when you give a 9 you are like mhh this is better.  I'ts just that the difference between two numbers can be very big.

So me and my friends would like to suggest if it is possible to give ratings like 9.4 , 4.5 , 8.6, ...

Thanks for reading.
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Posted 3 years ago

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as the years have rolled by, i have found myself wishing to be able to rate videos in finer increments than full, non-decimal, parts of ten  i don't think that it really makes any difference what the users want though or this would have been changed several years ago.......
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You are  probably right Jim. I recently wrote a review and questioned IMDB on their rating system. While in the past it seemed people were more balanced in their movies opinions, today I see too many extreme ratings such as 1 for movies deserving around 5 or even higher. Well, IMD probably does not like critics and told me my contribution would not be published. Somewhat disappointing. If IMDB reads this message, I urge them to remind users how ratings should be exercised.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Half point intervals on the rating system instead of a full integer..

I take the imdb rating of a movie as a decent indicator to how a movie will be. As such, I try to rate as much as I can. However I find a full integer difference on a rating system that lists to a decimal point (effectively making it a 100 point rating system) way too big. In other words, one number is too low, but the next too high. I've had many cases where I feel a 7 is too low but an 8 is too high (for example). MANY cases. So I would love to see us able to rate even a half point more (or less) than is currently possible. 5 ->5.5 -> 6 -> 6.5 etc. I feel I would be able to give a more accurate rating of how I felt the film was for me.