Looking for gun movie/tv show (end fight had a guy tied to metal chain) plus Russian Roulette at end

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Looking for another movie again. Or maybe tv show.

We saw this back in early summer 1999, I think maybe Philly 57 in the NJ area.

It might have been a tv show because it was really short like an hour....or maybe I just lost track of time.

My dad was the one that ran into it and said it seemed to be about these detectives and guns, because guns were used a lot in this movie/show.

I remember one scene briefly midway through where this lady went into this guy’s apartment with her gun. The guy was in bed maybe with another lady and she shot him in the chest but the bullet just hit his bare hairy chest and didn’t do much damage....like it was a BB gun pellet.

I do remember a lot about the end. The good guy came into the bad guys place and just totally fought all the baddies. Then the leader and I guess second in command (who actually looked like Zach from Beverly Hills Cop) had this ultra tough iNsANe guy brought out on a metal chain leash. The bad leader said to the good guy let’s see how well you fight with this. A fight broke out which seemed sort of like a stalemate at first. The leader was pleased but the guy who looked like Zach just kept looking worried. Finally, the good guy had the tough guy in a death hold and after having him there for 30 seconds broke his neck. The good guy then I think took care of the Zach looking guy and all that was left was the good guy and the bad leader.

The bad leader then suggested they play Russian Roulette. The good guy was unsure what he meant so the bad guy explained that he will point the gun at him and fire, if nothing came out he’d then point the gun at himself and fire, if nothing came out, he’d go back to him and so forth and so forth. Not having much of a choice he went along.

This is a breakdown of how it went....
-the bad guy pointed the gun at the good guy and fired....CLICK.
-the bad guy then put the gun right to his own forehead (extreme close up and bit disturbing too) and fired.......CLICK
-the bad guy then pointed the gun back at the good guy and again fired.......CLICK, at which the good guy made some comment about luck holding up.
-the good guy then closed his eyes as the bad guy again took the gun to his own head and fired......and......BANG!!!
-the good guy looked over to see the bad guy slumped over/dead in his chair.

The end scene had the good guys visiting this black guy who was all bandaged up (not in a plaster cast or fiberglass cast, but with just white dry bandages) in the hospital.

Hopefully this is enough info.
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I came here looking for the same movie. I had it when I was a kid. The main character used to splash soda at women. A barber tried to kill him ( I guess there was a contract on him) He said “Nice Shave” at the end of the scene.

I really want to find the movies name.