Looking for an 1980s/1990s possibly early 2000s movie about a human atomic bomb

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Years ago in the mid 2000s I saw an action thriller about human nuclear bombs. Here's all I can remember:

-There was a standard male and female leading couple (he was an operative of some kind, she may have been a journalist).

-Around halfway through the movie he learns that there's a nuclear bomb implanted in him. He is told this by the lead villain who I vaguely remember being a scientist.

-He is told that the bomb is small, and that it can not be taken out.

-Some of the villains henchmen were horrified to learn that they could have detonated a nuclear device, had they killed the male lead, but the lead villain insists that that was not possible, and that the bomb could only be activated with a timer, or by remote control.

-He decides to lock himself up with the creators of the bomb and sends the love interest away in a helicopter. The lead villain insists that he could try to take the bomb out, but the male lead refuses and says something along the lines of "seems you built me a bit too well".

-Finally, the bomb detonates and the male lead dies, along with all the villains, while the female lead escapes the explosion, though it rattles her helicopter.

The movie didn't seem particularly low, or high budget, but then again I saw it as a child and on a rather small TV set, so I couldn't tell how good the special effects were. It looked like it was made in the 80s, or 90s, though.

This movie has been on my mind for years, but no traditional search for it yielded results.

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