Live Poll: Where do you stand on extra-terrestrial life?

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If you agree with several of these possibilities, choose the one you believe in the most.

Live poll:

  • There is no other life in the Universe, we are completely alone.
  • There is only microbial life in the Universe.
  • There is microbial life in our solar system (on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn).
  • There is another planet like Earth with similar life forms.
  • There is intelligent life in the Universe, but they/we will never get in contact with us/them.
  • There is intelligent life in the Universe. They will make contact with us, but they will not be friendly.
  • There is intelligent life in the Universe. They will make contact with us, and they will be friendly.
  • Aliens already exist on our planet, buried deep in the oceans.
  • Aliens have already visited us (Area 51), and they may still walk among us.
  • I have absolutely no idea - anything is possible.
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I had to take "anything is possible" by default. Why? Because the answer includes so many of the others that one just can't be seperated from the others.

1) The size of the universe is so large and vast that it makes it a mathogical impossibility that there is no other lifeform out there. Will they be advanced? Will they be intelligent? Will they and us be able to communicate to each other? Will they be hostile or friendly are parts of the same question depending how first contact is made and the intentions of both sides in the meeting.

2) The existence of microbial life in other parts of our solar system has been proven. So we are not alone in our own solar system. It is just that our neighbors are not what many would expect them to be.

3) The only completely wrong answer is "We are alone."

The rest is conjecture based on what you personally believe.