LIVE POLL: What Did Your Dad Do?

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Which of these well-known TV dads had the same job as your dad did when you were a kid? If the exact same job is not an option, please pick the closest one. 

Gomez Addams - My dad worked in finance. 
Jim Anderson - My dad was a salesman. 
Philip Banks - My dad was a lawyer or judge. 
Ray Barone - My dad was a writer. 
Jonas Blane - My dad was in the military. 
Mike Brady - My dad was an architect. 
Steve Brady - My dad worked in the food service industry. 
Crosby Braverman - My dad was in the production and business side of entertainment. 
Archie Bunker - My dad was a driver. 
Gordon Clark - My dad worked in technology. 
Dan Conner - My dad was in construction. 
Howard Cunningham - My dad owned a store (or more than one). 
Steve Douglas - My dad was an engineer. 
Fred Flintstone - My dad worked with heavy machinery. 
Peter Florrick - My dad was a politician or civil servant. 
Frank Gallagher - My dad was unemployed. 
Paul Hennessy - My dad was a stay-at-home dad. 
Dr. Heathcliff 'Cliff' Huxtable - My dad was a doctor or other health professional. 
Charles Ingalls - My dad was a farmer and/or rancher. 
Steven Keaton - My dad worked in the media. 
Michael Kyle - My dad owned his own business (not a store). 
Rev. Lovejoy - My dad worked in a religious capacity. 
Tony Micelli - My dad was a housekeeper or custodian. 
Ricky Ricardo - My dad was a performer. 
Prof. John Robinson - My dad was a scientist. 
Fred G. Sanford - My dad was in junk, garbage or sanitation. 
Jason Seaver - My dad worked in mental health. 
Homer Simpson - My dad worked in a factory. 
Tony Soprano - My dad was on the wrong side of the law. 
Sheriff Andy Taylor - My dad was in law enforcement. 
Eric Taylor - My dad worked in sports. 
Jackson 'Jax' Teller - My dad was a mechanic. 
Jim Walsh - My dad worked in the "private sector." 
Walter White - My dad was a teacher or professor. 
Jackson Hunt - My dad was absent during my childhood. 



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