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The new show Riverdale (2016) premieres this fall and is a new perspective on the classic Archie comics. One of the biggest conflicts of the Archie comics is the love triangle of Archie, Betty and Veronica. 

Which of these TV love triangles is most memorable to you? 

Sydney/Michael/Lauren - Alias 
Dee/Apollo/Starbuck - Battlestar Galactica 
Dylan/Brenda/Kelly - Beverly Hills, 90210 
Buffy/Angel/Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
Frasier/Sam/Diane - Cheers 
Dawson/Pacey/Joey - Dawson's Creek 
Noel/Felicity/Ben - Felicity 
Jason/Lyla/Tim - Friday Night Lights 
Lorelai/Luke/Christopher - Gilmore Girls 
Will/Alicia/Peter - The Good Wife 
Blair/Chuck/Nate - Gossip Girl 
Derek/Meredith/Addison - Grey's Anatomy 
Mark/Callie/Arizona - Grey's Anatomy 
Ted/Robin/Barney - How I Met Your Mother 
Jack/Kate/Sawyer - Lost 
Dobie/Thalia/Milton - The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 
Jim/Pam/Roy - The Office 
Alex/Piper/Larry - Orange Is the New Black 
Maya/Emily/Paige - Pretty Little Liars 
Fitz/Jack/Olivia - Scandal 
Aidan/Carrie/Big - Sex and the City 
Chloe/Lois/Clark - Smallville 
Bill/Sookie/Eric - True Blood 
Damon/Elena/Stefan - The Vampire Diaries 


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