LIVE POLL: January 15 is National Hat Day

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Which of these TV hats is most memorable? 

Barney Fife's policeman's bonnet - The Andy Griffith Show 
John Steed's classic bowler - The Avengers 
Batman's caul - Batman 
The Penguin's purple top hat - Batman 
Blossom's floppy, flower-topped crusher hat - Blossom 
Heisenberg's pork pie - Breaking Bad 
Cher and Dee's myriad chapeaux - Clueless 
JR's feathered 10-gallon - Dallas 
Daniel Boone's coonskin cap - Daniel Boone 
The Fourth Doctor's beat-up brown felt hat - Doctor Who 
One of Alexis Carrington's many wide-brimmed hats with veils - Dynasty 
The Lucas Brothers' matching baseball hats - Friends of the People 
Agarn's wide-brim cavalry hat he uses more as a weapon than as shade from the sun - F Troop 
The Captain's captain's cap and Gilligan's white bucket hat - Gilligan's Island 
JJ's blue bucket hat - Good Times 
Festus Haggen's worn-in cowboy hat - Gunsmoke 
Minnie Pearl's thrift store hat, price tag still attached - Hee Haw 
Jeannie's red and pink scarf hat - I Dream of Jeannie 
Blaine's fabulous fascinators - In Living Color 
Fire Marshal Bill's white bell cap - In Living Color 
Raylan Givens's Dallas Businessman’s Special - Justified 
Kojak's "Who loves 'ya, baby?" fedora - Kojak 
Laura's bonnet - Little House on the Prairie 
Walt's Buffalo Stetson - Longmire 
Don Draper's sweet fedora - Mad Men 
Thomas Magnum's Tigers cap - Magnum, P.I. 
Mary's aerodynamic knit tam hat cap, necessary for those cold Twin Cities winters - The Mary Tyler Moore Show 
Col. Henry Blake's fishing hat with all the lures - M*A*S*H 
Radar's Army-issue knit cap - M*A*S*H 
The Mickey Ears of Annette and the rest of the kids - The Mickey Mouse Club 
Adebisi's gravity-defying woolly cap - Oz 
Mango's hot pink beret - Saturday Night Live 
Turk's "I'm so money" surgical cap - Scrubs 
Jax's brain bucket - Sons of Anarchy 
Frank Rossitano's ever-changing array of custom-printed ball caps - 30 Rock (A few examples include Pinball Mechanic, ESP Tutor, Time Travel Agent and Major Poop) 


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