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The inductee list of the California Hall of Fame for 2016 has just been announced. The Hall of Fame, conceived by then-First Lady Maria Shriver, honors individuals and groups who embody California's innovative spirit while also making a lasting, significant contribution to the state, the nation and the world, as well as inspiring others to further their own dreams. The hall and its exhibits are located in The California Museum in Sacramento. 

Which of these movie- and TV-related members of the hall do you feel most deserves their inclusion? 

2006/1st class 
Walt Disney 
Clint Eastwood 
Ronald Reagan 
Alice Walker 

2007/2nd class 
Milton Berle 
Steve Jobs 
Rita Moreno 
John Steinbeck 
Elizabeth Taylor 
John Wayne 

2008/3rd class 
Jane Fonda 
Quincy Jones 
Jack LaLanne 
Jack Nicholson 

2009/4th class 
Carol Burnett 
Danielle Steel 

2010/5th class 
James Cameron 
Merle Haggard 
Barbra Streisand 
Betty White 

2011/6th class 
Amy Tan 

2012/7th class 
Warren Beatty 
Jack L. Warner (inducted with brothers Harry, Albert and Sam) 

2014/8th class 
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 
Francis Ford Coppola 
Joan Didion 

2015/9th class 
Robert Downey Jr. 
Bruce Lee 
Buck Owens 
Lester Holt 
Charles M. Schulz 

2016/109th class 
Isabel Allende 
Harrison Ford 
Maria Shriver 
George Takei 


Note: before you point out there is no 2013, i was unable to find any evidence of inductees for 2013 or any explanation as to why there weren't any 

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