Lists idea: Title/Name pages should link to User Lists they appear on.

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As an example of how this is done on another massive database, has a "Lists" section at the bottom/side of every Artist/Label/Release/Master Release page: 

- Artist page: 
- Label page: 
- Release page: 
- Master Release page: 

(nb: a Master Release page on is one that lists every version of the release.) 

While lists all the "Lists" on the actual page itself (with a disclosure triangle to hide them, if the person reading the page chooses to), as an alternative option to avoid page clutter, perhaps IMDB could just list all the "User Lists" on a separate linked page? 

And on the apps (iOS/Android), this "Users Lists" section could appear as a link in the "More Like This" section, just underneath the "Connections" link. Except of course, unlike the Connections page, the "User Lists" page would then link across again to each separate user created list. 

As some background info, at the moment, users cannot even directly use the IMDB search function to search Lists titles. Instead having to use a third-party search engine (e.g. Google: "Kermode") to do this.
(see "How can I search for lists?" here: .) 

This means that users cannot even find-out easily if another user has already created a list they may be about to waste time recreating themselves. 
e.g. I was just about to do a List of "Mark Kermode's Ten Best Films of 2018 (so far)", until I did a Google search (and virtually by chance) found another user had already done it: 

This is a massively seemingly ignored problem, that doesn't look to be solved for years now. 

Surely this is likely more of a possibility now the new backend systems is in effect? As it's been a huge pain until now, and a lot of the 'data connections' (for want of a better term ;-) that Lists provide are effectively being lost in the ether. 

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Posted 2 years ago

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More reasoning for why it's important to expand Lists – sticking with professional film reviewer Mark Kermode as an ad hoc example... 

Several times a year (like many professional reviewers), on one of his various outlets, he'll do a "Best Of The Year (So Far)" (1st 6months: Jan-Jun), another "Best Of The Year" (at the end of the year), "Worst Of The Year" (same time periods), along with a lot of possible mini-lists (e.g. "Influential Horror Films of the 1960's/1970's", "Director Lynne Ramsay's best works", "Best Suspense Scenes", or whatever). Many of these could end up being added by users to IMDB. 

When a user creates these, they should be able to add Mark Kermode to the list (perhaps at the end, so a "top-ten" list would have his page at #11), along with each Title, and/or Name as required.
(Unless there is another way of associated a Name with a List featuring all Titles?) 

This should mean that the user can go to Mark Kermode's IMDB page, and simply click onto his Lists page (i.e. any List where his name has been added), and see all/most of the lists associated with him. 

There are obviously many other (likely more interesting) reasons for such Lists use and behaviour on IMDB. So surely this should be considered somewhat important to address following the recent database backend upgrades. 
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Hi, jimthing. With the exception of reference view, both title pages and name pages already do link to the lists on which they are items, and they have done so for many years. However, there is no way to search through any listing of lists.
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@   Jeorj Euler

Remember this ? ?

Old Misc List of Lists by several Users
( UserNames are not listed here )[set...

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No, didn't know about that. But it's not really what I'm talking about AFAICT. 

I'm talking about linking NM's with TT lists about them. 
Hence an NM page (e.g. Mark Kermode) shows a link to User Lists about him, e.g. "Mark Kermode's Ten Best Films of 2018 (so far)".

(see below)
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Ah OK, I'm using reference view hence didn't see these. :-/ 

(BTW, is there a way of ad-hoc changing your page view from ref view to normal view, without doing so in your user settings?? I had to open in a different browser without being signed in to see normal view, as simply removing the "/reference" from the end of the URL doesn't work.) 

But after checking it out, major significant problems remain

1) Ref view.
Obviously, ref view users cannot use it. Why? A real pain. 

2) Can only view 1000 lists on each page. 
Meaning that the list I quoted above ( ) doesn't appear on any of the 10 pages available (1-1000 items). So I'd never have seen/found it, anyway. 

3) 'Serious' lists get mixed-in with users own frivolous stuff. 
Meaning lists like "Mark Kermode's Best Of 2017" is mixed-in with 500 versions of "films I've seen" (or suchlike) that users have decided to make public. Making easily finding the more important lists nigh-on impossible amongst the chaff. 

4) Title lists do not appear connected to the person they're about. (Most importantly) 
Meaning a list like "Mark Kermode's Ten Best Films of 2018 (so far)" does not appear under the "User Lists" on his Mark Kermode page. Presumably this is because Titles & Names cannot appear on the same list, but this means they are completely disconnected. 


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