'Known for' manipulation?

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Is it possible that IMDB have made the 'known for' selections ridiculous to try to stimulate IMDB Pro signings and increase revenue? My 'known for's' were sensible for years but have now become ridiculous and don't demonstrate any intelligent algorithm, but the only way I can change them is to pay a lot of money for that single simple possibility to change them to something sensible.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Known For credits are calculated as described on https://help.imdb.com/article/imdb/discover-watch/known-for-title-selection/GNL2E4LJVKM9QLMD

The original "known for" system was designed in 2001 before IMDb included episodic credits and before certain other changes were made to the IMDb data model. In December 2017 we switched to a new system which takes all credits into account and better handles episodic TV.    While no system can be perfect,  we are pleased with the overall improved quality of the selections.  We are sorry to hear your default selection has worsened -- if you provide details of your page and what you would prefer to see selected, we can feed this into future updates to the algorithm. 

If you search Get Satisfaction, you will see hardly any comments on the change (and customers are vocal with complaints) so we believe our assessment of the success matches prevailing customer opinion. 
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Yes, well, here's a customer comment for you. Anytime Denver Pyle is not "Known For" being Uncle Jesse on The Dukes of Hazzard, you can be quite sure whatever algorithm you're using is definitely flawed.
I just want to join all the annoyed people of the "known for" section and just to add my example, I have edited a FEATURE FILM that was theatrically released in Greece in 2016, I have also edited a short film that won the GOLDEN PALM in Cannes in 2019 yet the IMDB algorithm suggests that I am known for a short student film I made in 2009 and a home movie that none has ever seen from 2004.  It's just a ridiculous algorithm and it's a shame to ask people for money to let them change their result. But the most annoying part is that even if you do pay for a month, when you stop paying it goes back to the way it was. Find a way to fix this please, it's insulting to a lot of industry professionals.
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Yeah, my 'known for' titles were also screwed up in December. The titles IMDB picked were so obscure and ancient that I felt compelled to start an account to change them back to the old/proper titles. Now that I'm canceling my membership, an email tells me those 'known for' titles are going to revert back to the obscure titles that are measurably less popular than my other work. It seems like a grift.
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Col Needham: "Known For credits are calculated as described on https://help.imdb.com/article/imdb/discover-watch/known-for-title-selection/GNL2E4LJVKM9QLMD";

The truth is that in many cases this "algorithm" seems to either be broken or purposefully adjusted to not work, and force people into buying an expensive membership.

For example, a bafta nominated feature film which I supervised is not in the top 4, even having the widest reach and distribution. So, either there's a bug which I'd like to report to your engineers, or imdb is not being transparent on how the algorythm works (I've looked at the link above)

I'd seriously like to report this as a potential bug in your systems, but all customer services just point to the link and not wish to look at the underlying issue.

I look forward to your reply