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I just want to join all the annoyed people of the "known for" section and just to add my example, I have edited a FEATURE FILM that was theatrically released in Greece in 2016, I have also edited a short film that won the GOLDEN PALM in Cannes in 2019 yet the IMDB algorithm suggests that I am known for a short student film I made in 2009 and a home movie that none has ever seen from 2004.  It's just a ridiculous algorithm and it's a shame to ask people for money to let them change their result. But the most annoying part is that even if you do pay for a month, when you stop paying it goes back to the way it was. Find a way to fix this please, it's insulting to a lot of industry professionals.
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Hi there,

Known For title selection accurately represents the way in which most people arrive on your page. You can find more information here:

so is it how people arrive at the page that dictates the known for selections or all the other factors that are described in the link you posted as a reply?

Because if the "value" of the credit is weighed differently or the type of the title or the popularity of the title are taken into account then I wouldn't be here.

I think the way it's written in the help desk is they way you want it to work and the way you replied is the way it actually works, so yes, fix it, so the algorythm doesn't just count how did most people find an  unknown page.