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There's barely any official information of how episodes are grouped by seasons in the JonTron Show. The contributors to IMDb has therefore taken the initiative and have grouped the seasons based on year. But across all episodes, there is one where JonTron (Jon Jafari) himself tells you which episode is first in one of the seasons, which does not match what is added to IMDb.

In the episode titled "Barbie Games" (S06E01 on IMDb, watch on YouTube), at 16:14 he says "Thank you so much for watching the beginning of season 3 of JonTron". This would mark Barbie Games as the first episode of season 3, not 6.

The visual changes in the new season is that the "JonTron" title screen disappears with an "old TV effect" before going to the episode title, compared to the season before where it just faded to black before the episode title.

I have tried contacting the JonTron Show by email, asking about where the other seasons officially starts. But I haven't received any answer back, and it's been moths. I've messaged twice. – So just like the previous contributors has taken their own initiative, we could do it now again, but using this new information.

Comparing the intros across the episodes before; the silhouette does not feature any black outline until the episode titled "Hercules Games" (S04E02 on IMDb, watch on YouTube), intro starts at 1:07. From hereon, the silhouette has a black pixelated outline. – He never states which episode is the start of season 2. But this is the best we can do.

Furthermore, future season can also be derived from the changes in the intro. The next intro is not featured until the episode titled "Flex Tape II: The Flexening" (S09E01 on IMDb, watch on YouTube), intro starts at 7:19. It features a completely new intro, which has still been used to this day (last episode released: "Regis Philbin's Epic Workout", S10E07 on IMDb, watch on YouTube, intro starts at 0:22)

This would make the seasons:
1: "Daikatana" – "Space Ace!" .. 2010-08-31 – 2013-01-29 (21⁄2 years)
2: "Hercules Games" – "The Zoo Race" .. 2013-09-24 – 2014-12-13 (11⁄4 years)
3: "Barbie Games" – "VR Troopers" .. 2015-02-25 – 2017-12-23  (23⁄4 years)
4: "Flex Tape II: The Flexening" – .. 2018-12-02 – .. (1 year and counting ..)

Some episodes are featured in the episode list of JonTron Show, when they are also featured on the show JonTron's StarCade (tt5143438). Episodes S06E02,E03,E05–E09,E13–14 are therefore listed twice on IMDb, and should preferably be removed from JonTron Show. They are featured on the JonTron Show YouTube channel, but does not carry that name, and instead has "JonTron's StarCade" on the title screen. – JonTron's StarCade is also a show that has ended, and should be marked so on IMDb. The 9th StarCade episode is titled "(Finale)".

Finally, an episode is missing from IMDb; it has been removed from the official JonTron Show YouTube channel. But as other removed videos are still featured on IMDb, this one should probably also be added:
- "Goldeneye 007 Wii Review?", released between "Sonic R Is the Best Game Eva" and "Gaming in Public" .. exact date unknown
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Are we even sure that all the videos on JonTron's channel have been added? I hope no one went and numbered all the episodes according to what IMDb already had, regardless of how many episodes there actually are. If you need to squeeze in a missing episode, you'll have to change the numbers of all the subsequent episodes in that "season."

I dislike anyone numbering the episodes of a YouTube series, unless the content creator has added the numbers himself. You never know whether old videos have been deleted. Deleted or not, any episode that has existed qualifies for entry on IMDb. We all know how censorious YouTube has been lately. There's no way to know how many videos there have been on a channel unless you have kept a careful eye on it since day one.
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That is a very often problem with web-series: many web-series don't have any clearly defined seasons, so they're often divided in such by years. Some creators do have clear specification of where and what starts and ends, though: "The Angry Video Game Nerd" (2004-), for example, has one.