JFF: Silliest Things You Thought as a Child....

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My younger brother told me once that he thought the person who spoke with the sign language in the news was just there to entertain people with funny gestures because otherwise, it would be just too serious and depressing... I know it's silly.

My other brother used to think that every ancestor would have the same name than yours only with "Mc" before (he got it from Highlander, Back to the Future and the Scrooge McDuck stories)... I know it's silly.

But that's the funniest thing about kids, they just don't say the darndest things, they also think them... just for fun, what were the crazy things you use to believe as a kid, whether they were movie related or not?

- I thought if I spent too much time at night in front of the TV, It would explode (my mother told me that once and I always turned it off before midnight! to my defense it was an old Toshiba bigger than a window and the top used to get extremely hot at night)
- I thought Gulliver became a giant because he had drunk too much sea water 
- I thought the guy who killed Tony Montana was Sosa
- I thought Spielberg made all the movies with special effects, especially since his name popped up everywhere (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future...)
- I thought the MGM lion was roaring because he wanted to get the hell out of that circle!
- I thought "Star Wars" was just a pale imitation of "Spaceballs"
- I thought  the "Gimme Hope" song was about a girl named Joanna.
- I didn't get that Stevie Wonder was blind when I saw him in that 'Cosby Show' episode.
- for some reason, the prom picture of Laura Palmer used to scare the hell out of me

... to be continued... so what were YOUR silly thoughts?

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Oh, I used to hear lyrics wrong quite a bit - there was a song called 'Sing, Hosanna', and I thought they were saying, 'Please, Banana!'  :D

albstein: Yes, to this day I see, "Walt Gisney Pictures."

Once I was getting a sore throat, and my dad told me, "You're getting a little hoarse."  My eyes lit up, as I assumed he meant 'horse'.  :)