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I’m Italian and I have an IMDB account and in my account settings-content settings I chose for Title pages/ Title display country/region (Italy) and Title display language (Italian). Those settings are very helpful to make an easier search through IMDB as I generally know only the Italian title, mainly when the movie is an old one (nowadays usually the original title isn’t either translated or changed).

I created a few lists of movies and tv series and when I check my lists I can read the italian title. However when I export one of my lists, the title exported is only the original one and this is a real problem when I have to understand which is the listed movie (I usually know the Italian title only). Few times I can cope with this issue if I find an english title, but when I find a no-english title .... it’s always a nightmare! For instance I love Kon Ichikawa and his “The Burmese Harp” which I know as “L’arpa birmana”, but in my list I find it as “Biruma no tategoto”... how can I understand which movie is? Of course I can search each movie, one by one, and I’d have to add (in the exported file) a new column with the Italian title. A huge work as I have thousands of movies in my lists.

I presume that this can be a problem for everybody even if I understand that english-speaking people have less problems as a lot of movies have their original tile in English ... nevertheless ....

So this is the question: is it possible to export your list with movies titles in a language at your choice?

If not, the best solution would be to let you export your list with both the original title and another title (which you can choose).

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


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